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Hold Her Again | Shannon Stacey | Audiobook Review

Why did I listen to Hold Her Again?

It was another shift at work and I wanted something to listen to while I did some yarn and plastic cavasing. So I looked up holiday audiobooks on Libby and came across Hold Her Again. It sounded like a cute second chance romance with a Christmas background. So I was quick to borrow it and started listening.

What’s the storyline?

Jace Morrow returns to his hometown to bury his estranged father. His ex Ava Wright knows that in such a small town knows she will not be able to avoid him especially now that he is a country music star. Too bad he had to completely break her heart in order for it to happen; and both of them have been living with this heartbreak ever since. The chemistry and love is still there for them but they are not sure if it’s enough to make it work this time. Will the right choice be made?

How did I like Hold Her Again?

This is such a sweet story. I fell hard for Jake, Ava, and their relationship. Both characters are vulnerable and have been hurting ever since their breakup five years ago. I understood these emotions from both characters and was rooting for them to find their fine their happily ever after. Even if the town is waiting for them to crash and burn and add to the gossip of small town life. I love small towns and this one was no exception.

How is the narration?

Hold Her Again is narrated by Samantha Cook and is approximately four hours long. This story flows by really quickly especially when listened to it on 1.75 speed. I enjoyed the narration and quickly got lost in the story and the town feeling like I belonged. If you are a fan of contemporary romance, especially with a holiday background and second chance romance, this may be the perfect story for you.

Rating: 4 Stars

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