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His Holiday Crush | Cari Z | Book Review

Max Robertson had returned to Edgewood for the first time in a decade to visit his best friend Hal and his “nieces”. It was supposed to be just one night but all of that is changed when his car crashes into a snow bank. The police come to investigate the scene and to his surprise it is Hal’s younger brother. And Dominic is all grown up now…and may just be His Holiday Crush.

From the moment they see each other again, there is an attraction between Max and Dominic. Dominic admittedly had a crush on his older brothers friend but never thought anything would come of it. Especially since Max had no idea and had left town right after graduation. Max really cannot believe that this man is the same “Nicky” who followed him around when he was hanging out Hal trying to be one of the guys. Both men have grown up and been through their own struggles but neither has had a chance for a full blown romance.

I liked the bond that Max had with Hal and his daughters. They are going through so much as a family due to Hal’s wife walking out on them. This has impacted the girls and their relationships with those around them. Plus it is a small town and there is always small town gossip. It is obvious that Max will do anything support them and has stuck with them through thick and thin. I loved his playtime with the girls.

Speaking of small town gossip, there is a reason as to to why Max has not been in town; and from the moment he enters town that reason is thrown right in his face. Well not thrown right in his face but there are constant reminders. This was part of the story that I didn’t really didn’t really care for. It did give you background on why Max is the way that he but I didn’t see any growth and development. All that happens is more character numbing and no change. It was just a bit of a let down because I felt that there was potential for more. There was a possibility that an event like this could strengthen the bond between Max and Dominic but instead it goes down a different path…and one I didn’t care for. Max and Dominic had a connection and chemistry but I don’t think the potential of their dynamic was not met.

His Holiday Crush has the whole “big city guy returns home to small town. It starts out very cute, then turns spicy, and then unfortunately kind of a stalled out. The relationship needed more conversation and less running away. There is tons of winter throughout the story included snowman build; snowflake pancakes, and course Christmas morning. So if you’re looking for a sweet M/M, Christmasy romance with tons of heat to share, this may be the story for you.

Rating: 3 Stars

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