The Holiday Swap | Maggie Knox | Book Review

The Holiday Swap is a fun, feel good Christmas story. It begins 12 days before Christmas when pastry chef and TV host is in an onset accident that causes her to loose her sense of smell and taste. Panicked, Charlie knows that she will be unable to hid this on set, and that will be not good for career especially when she is currently up for a new hosting job. She calls her twin sister Cass and asks her to switch places in order to salvage her career. She is thinking that she is safe because her sister is a baker in their home town and thus knows her way around a kitchen. Only it is not as easy to pretend to be the other person as it was when they were children.

Trying to pretend to do different types of baking than what each sister is used to is jot easy. They each have quirks and it is hard to disguise them. It it also hard to keep their stories straight especially queen the white lies start piling up. This leads to some hilarious and awkward moments. There are also some sadder moments as the sisters are working through their individual situations and are coming to terms with who they want to be.

Stepping into each others roles both Cass and Charlie to see things the other might not notice day to day. Cass notices the overt expectations of Charlie as a TV host and how these expectations are not expected of her male co-star. She realizes that things are not as easy for her sister in the limelight as she thought it was. Back home, Charlie notices exactly how much work Cass puts into the bakery. It seems like she never take a real break for herself and has never really thought beyond what is in from of her. Switching places allows Cass to spread her wings a bit and for Charlie to break free from the expectations other in Hollywood. Both sisters can finally relax and breath.

As Charlie and Cass are breathing, they each wind up being swept off their feet by a new guy. I enjoyed watching these budding romances even with the building white lies. Add in a holiday dynamic, and I was completely invested and was curious to see how everything was going to work out. Even though there was tension in the air this was completely light hearted read and it was filled with beautiful imagery of food and Christmas.

The Holiday Swap started out with a simple idea between twins but evolved into so much more. There is small town love and changes that force both Cass and Charlie to step outside their comfort zones. And even when they’re given the opportunity to change back early they both feel like they have to see everything through. I was rooting for these characters, the chances that they were taking, and the romances that were blooming. It was just so sweet and if you like sweet, you will likely enjoy this.

Rating: 4 Stars

**I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.**

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