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Celebration At Christmas Cove | Carrie Jansen | Book Review

Celeste is a travel blogger and she has agreed to take an assignment in New Orleans for Christmas. It is her first Christmas without her mother and she’s not really in a mood for celebrating. So she 5wkes the assignment and plans on hiding from her memories. On paper it looks like the perfect plan until she finds herself stranded Sea Spray Island due to bad weather. And this time of year Sea Spray Island is renamed Christmas Cove and is all about Christmas.

At the beginning of Celebration At Christmas Cove, Celeste is a harsh character and takes a little bit to get warmed up to. She is still processing the loss of her mother and is no where ready to see Christmas celebrations – new or old. The person who takes much of the brunt of these initial emotions is local resident Nathan, who helps run the community center. He is a single father trying to make this a good Christmas for his daughter especially with potential financial loss in the very near future. Nathan is a good character but he also has alot to work through to be a better man and father. These two characters have a wonderful dynamic and help bring out the best in each other.

Celeste is staying at the local bed and breakfast which is run by Nathan’s sister Carol. I adored the friendship that blossomed between them. Similarly I also adored the relationship which Celeste forms with Nathan’s daughter Abigail. Abigail is so precocious and is trying to figure out how things work. There is so much growth for these characters throughout the book which I loved. As the reader, I also got to know the fellow visitors at the inn and the people within the community. I fell hard for this quirky town and its often quirky characters.

Christmas Cove is definitely a wonderful Christmas destination. From the decor to the activities and the emotions that are brought forth, it is so good. I wanted to visit Christmas Cove. Actually I would be willing to visit Sea Spray Island at any time of year. It just sounds like a beautiful place to visit or even live in. And the townspeople all have good hearts and want what is best for each other. In particular the towns people notice the connection between Celeste and Nathan and may just do a little matchmaking along the way. This leads to several adorable and some hilarious moments for all.

I’m not sure if Celebration At Christmas Cove is the first book in a new series but I sure hope it is. I would love to revisit these characters and this location. With so many people in town, there is so much potential for new romances and friendships. Plus I would like to see how Celeste, Nathan, and Abigail are doing and how the relationship has progressed too!

Rating: 4 Stars

**I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.**

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