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2021 Recap | 2022 Goals

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It’s hard to believe that it is the first day of 2022. In some ways 2021 flew right but in other ways, it went on forever. Let’s recap…

2021 Monthly Recap
-In January, I lost my job at the company that I had been working at since 2008. This was a devastating blow for me and it took me a bit to gain perspective and move forward. It was also this month that I created this blog and started using it as a new outlet.
-In February, I was going to physical therapy twice a week to strengthen my back.
-In March, I completely physical therapy and start my plan to start receiving mental health therapy to help me start processing everything that was going on in my life. –
In April, I had my first mental health therapy which was comfortable and began my journey of opening up and healing myself.
-In May, we began fostering a kitten who is now so much part of our lives we couldn’t imagine her not being in it.
-In June, I was able to go on a girls weekend with two of my close friends. I also celebrate one year of dating my boyfriend.
-In July, there were several triggers which forced me to slow down and take things one day at a time in order to protect my mental health.
-In August, I started a new job which from day one made me feel appreciated and valued.
-In September, my work life and mental health were both going very well.
-In October, everything continued to move forward.
-In November, I was offered a full time overnight position as a dispatcher at the hospital.
-In December, I started my full time overnight position which so far appears to be going well.

2021 Reading Recap
In 2021, I read 263 books. My original goal was 75 books so I definitely surpassed that which is exciting. This equals to 78,560 pages read!

Five Goals For 2022
-I would like read 100 books this year. Of these 100 books, I would like 50 of them to be ones that can be removed from my bookshelves afterwards. And improve on the level of diversity in my reading.
-I want to relearn how to crochet and do latch hook again.
-I want to take better care of my body. Between the pandemic, losing my job, and just life in general I have gained weight and have been eating less than healthy. I would like to improve on this and become more physically motivated.
-I want to continue to take care of my cats and hopefully keep them healthy and enjoying their lives.
-Finally, I want to continue to improve the relationships around me. Be it with my boyfriend and his daughters, my family, my friends, my co-workers, random people on the street, I want to strive for positive relationships, remove any toxicity from my life, and do whatever is best for my mental health.

January 2022 TBR
-The Stars and Darkness Between Us
– Poisoned
– An Heiresses Guide To Deception and Desire
-What the Cat Dragged In
– How To Love Your Neighbor
– Pink Guitar and Falling Stars
– If You Love Someone
– The Department of Rare Books and Special Collections
– Count Your Lucky Stars

2022 Twelve Book Reading Challenge
-Mexican Gothic
-Anne of Green Gables
-The Wedding Ringer
-Asking For Trouble
-Ten Truths and A Dare
– The Night Circus
– The Hawthorne Legacy
-Natalie Tans Book of Love and Fortune
– The Friend Zone
-Spoiler Alert
– Twice Shy
– Here We Go Again

Wishing all of you the best in this new year!

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