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Queen Of The Unwanted | Jenna Glass | Book Review

Queen Of The Unwanted is the second book in The Women’s War trilogy by Jenna Glass. This time you get to delve deeper the world of Seven Wells. The world is so beautifully crafted and there are new characters introduced. The previous main characters have more characteristics introduced and there is potential for growth. There is alot that happens in this sequel and it helps build towards an epic conclusion.

Queen Of The Unwanted is filled with politics. There are now queens fully in power; and people who are trying to remove them. This causes classic political ploting, strategizing, and diversions. The primary focus wa the concern of the women who are in power. The Seven Wells is not used to having women in power and actually making decisions for the community. This causes so much tension and it is so well written.

The magic within the Seven Wells is also delved into and society realizes how complex it really is. No one can seem to figure out the various components with each of them. Every component is different and is affected differently by the individuals using it. And not everyone has access to all of the elements. This becomes a serious concern when they are trying to reverse the curse which has been bestowed up upon the nation; and this tests the characters strengths and weaknesses.

As this is the second book in this trilogy, there is also a focus on following these characters and their journey. There is love, loss, confrontation, and ignorance throughout told in multiple perspectives. The ignorance was one component that caught my attention because it comes from various levels within the society. Every character thinks they know everything about the other characters and can be extremely judgmental. For example, one of the characters seems to constantly be defined by his weight and his large mass is equivalent to his evilness. This honestly became a bit of a turn off the mote it occurred throughout the story. I just felt there were other ways to get the point across besides weight shaming.

All and all, the plot of Queen of the Unwanted continues to move the story forward building toward what should be an epic conclusion. It is filled with characters that I love as a reader as well as characters I absolutely despise. Admittedly, it may be heavier on the despise part. Some of the things they do make me cheer so strongly for them while other times I want them to be caught for their antics. It is such a push-pull dynamic which as a reader I absolutely adore. And I’m not sure that this review even makes sense but, the bottom line is that I’m really enjoying this world and I look forward to seeing the conclusion in Mother Of All.

Rating: 4 Stars

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