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Mother Of All | Jenna Glass | Book Review

Mother Of All is the final book in The Women’s War trilogy. It picks up right after the events of Queen of the Unwanted and continues full steam ahead until the very ending. Seven Waters is still reeling from the blessing/curse that had been put on their world and it is now more important than ever to know exactly where the characters stand. Some of these characters are determined to break the curse while others are encouraged by its power. The lines are clearly drawn as the final battle is reached. There is no middle ground with these characters; they believe what they believe. And they are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve their goals.

The women who are in power are trying to find the find balance between being a compassionate leader and being someone who can be easily taken advantage of. In some ways, this really mirrors what is going on in our current political climate. If a women cries, she is too emotional for the job. If she does not show a heart, she is too cold and frigid for the job. It is a never ending cycle that usually does not have a positive ending. What I enjoyed about this story is the way that all of this was approached and the creative way the women tried to find a way to be both held and free.

All of these characters – male and female – go on a journey within the final part of the trilogy. There continues to be love, loss, and personal growth. There are still attitudes of ignorance but, they also do seem to resolve some of this with character growth. There is more focus on the magical elements and the evil which could come from them. There was also good that could come from this but alot of it was focused on the more evil aspects. And how the evil aspects could lead to more corruption and power.

In conclusion, Mother Of All brought all the elements of The Women’s War trilogy together. With the multiple perspectives there was a strong push pull dynamic that continue through the whole story. There were moments that I didn’t expect and moments that still left me with questions. All and all, I still think that it was wrapped up well and is a dynamic piece of fantasy reading.

Rating: 4 Stars

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