The Lost and Found Necklace | Louisa Leaman | Book Review

The Lost and Found Necklace is a mixed bag for me. I read it in one day so it was a simple comfort book. The tone is easy, warm, and inviting but the characters and overall story was not that memorable. I didn’t find myself yearning to know more or stay with the characters which was a disappointment.

The Lost and Found Necklace follows jewelry designer Jess and she searches for a missing family heirloom – a necklace – that she thinks will finally heal her ailing grandmother. There is a story behind the necklace which she has never fully heard but she is hoping to bring peace to her grandmother in her final days. She attends an auction but loses out on the necklace to an appealing and mysterious stranger. In order to get it back, she must spend time with him, and as she does she starts questioning everything in her “safe” life she has built for herself.

Jess has chosen to be safe after multiple experiences and relationships have made her both emotionally and physically wounded. Each time she took a risk it has blown up in face and after healing herself mentally and physically she has decided that the safe route is the best route to take. This is how she winds up with her boyfriend Tim. He is dependable and solid – the type of man she should settle down with – unlike the mysterious guy who has her challenging her need for adventure.

Honestly I felt that Jess was a little immature in the way. She handled the whole situation with the two guys. These guys were obviously complete opposites so there were different things that attracted her to each of them. The differences were very narrow minded for starters and I really don’t see the appeal for any of the characters – Jess included. Like why did she have these two men desperately wanting to be with her? The sparks between these characters is honestly lacking. Thankfully the story regarding the necklace held my attention a little bit better.

The necklace gave a background of fleeting romance and adventure. Since it was first created, it has impacted all of the loves of the women who have worn it. These women find their passions and their happily ever afters; in Hollywood, photography and art. And yet the necklace was sold off never to found again due to its ability to also cause pain. The necklace is held in very high self esteem and this is why Jess is so desperate to have it reunited with her aunt before she passes. She thinks it will give her final peace.

The Lost and Found Necklace has a pleasant easy going reading vibe to it but it just felt lacking in the character and romance department. I would have liked more development in both of those and I think that would have strengthened the connection with her necklace and family history. I also think the message of not wasting a single day would have had mor emphasis. It just disappointing that the story did not pan out in a memorable manner for me.

Rating: 3 Stars

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