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How To Love Your Neighbor | Sophie Sullivan | Book Review

How To Love Your Neighbor is a fun enemies to lovers contemporary romance. Grace Travis is attending college for interior design and recently inherited her grandparents house. The house has been empty for about and is in need of some serious TLC. It also comes with a neighbor, Noah Jansen, who wants to buy her house out from under her. Their initial interaction is filled with negative first impression and so unexpected tension. As they continue bumping into each other as neighbors, they banter and get on each other’s nerves. That is until Noah realizes he needs an interior decorator for his house and agrees to hire Grace. And the more time they spend with each other, they realize maybe they don’t really hate their neighbor.

How To Love Your Neighbor paints a picture of two people who meet as neighbors and have a magnetic tension between them. Yet the more they are in each other’s orbit, the more they realize the that under the tension then just simple dislike. They are pulled closer and closer together as decisions are made to their respective houses. I have to admit I’m a softie for HGTV shows. Back in the day, I used to love to watch Extreme Home Maker and would cry everything the house was revealed. In present day, I love watching the partnership between real life partners Chip and Joanna against. Grace and Noah are not Chip and Joanna but they do form a special connection.

These characters were so easy to like. They both have been hurt and are reluctant to open themselves up. Grace does not have a positive relationship with her mother, and it is because of this that she is so desperate to turn her grandparents house into a home. I seriously despised her mother as a character. I also despised Noah’s father who was awful to him. He is trying to break out of his weather fathers shadow and one of the ways he doing so is by reconstructing this house. Unfortunately, his father continues to throw up road blocks to make things harder for him. With the amount, I despised their parents, I was so glad that Grace and Noah found each other and learned to trust each other.

There are also some really fun background characters who bring a real homey environment to the story. I really like the room competition and how it brought everyone closer together. It also showed how well Grace and Noah already knew each other even though they were just starting to enter the “just friends” with maybe actual feelings zone. The whole scenario brought such a smile to my face as a reader. It was such a sweet contemporary romance.

How To Love Your Neighbor brings you the classic enemies to lovers story mixed with neighbors falling for each other mixed with a topical character and a typical grump character troupe. It was mixed together so well and created a story that was both funny and sweet. The interior design plot was also so enjoyable and kept engaged from beginning to end. This is such a good story for those readers who enjoy contemporary romances with a enemies to friends story intertwined.

Rating: 4 Stars

**I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.**

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