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Saturday Movie Review | Mixtape

Mixtape was released in 2021 in Netflix. The storyline involves a 12 year old girl who lives with her grandmother because her parents died in a car accident. The girl is named Beverly and she has alot of questions about her parents. Questions that her grandmother is reluctant to answer. One day she comes across a mixtape that her parents made and she decides to go on a journey using the music to understand her parents. This results in a beautiful life changing experience for Beverly and all who encounter her.

Mixtape is set in 1999 which I honestly loved because it was a complete throwback. The clothing, make up, music, and taunts – I remember it all. Beverly’s parents mixtape was filled when the music from the 1980s which introduces her to music that she feels in her soul. I enjoyed the music which was selected for the journey. It hit the emotions right where they were supposed to hit. In fact, this movie actually caught my emotions by surprise.

Beverly is a bit of a loner and often teased due to her circumstances. Through this journey, she connects with two girls and they become a trio of best friends. I really enjoyed this friendship and the shenanigans between these girls. It felt youthful and real – not forced at all. All the girls are just a tad bit eccentric for which is another reason their friendship works so well. I could see myself and my group of friends as that age acting like them.

Beverly’s grandmother can feel her pulling away which terrifies her but, she also fails to recognize that she is also responsible for pushing her away. When she refuses to answer Beverly’s questions about her mother; when she is constantly working to save money for her college fund; when she is so focused on Y2K – all she is doing so creating a rift in their relationship. Beverly’s journey also creates a journey for her grandmother rediscovering joy and that it is okay to express emotions, including loss. Honestly, the scenes between the two of them were the ones that had tearing up the most.

Mixtape was a pleasant surprise for me. I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I clicked on it. The connections that are formed throughout are beautiful especially the connection with the music and the way it can tell a story. Imagine the stories our old mixed CDs could tell! For me I’m thinking of the ones that were made for a road trip to Florida and we “rick rolled” every state as we entered it. If you’re a fan of music and an emotional connection, you should check this one out.

Rating: 4 Stars

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