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Saturday Movie Review: Just Wright

Just Wright is a 2010 romantic comedy staring Queen Latifah and Common. It tells the story of a physical therapist who falls for a professional basketball player. It has a bit of the usual cliché romance predictability but, it is still charming. It is the perfect reminder that sometimes the thing you are looking for might just be right in front of you when you least expect it.

Queen Latifah’s character Leslie Wright is a top notch physical therapist. She is also a huge basketball fan particularly of the New York Nets. The current top scorer of the Nets is Scott McKnight and he is breaking all the records until he falls on the court injuring his knee. When Leslie is given the opportunity to be his therapist, they begin a professional relationship where she pushes him to heal and regain his NBA career. The more time they spend together the more they connect on a deeper level. And thus begins Leslie’s tug of war between her heart and her career.

Queen Latifah and Common have a sweet chemistry from their first encounter. It’s a simple chemistry that grows though out the movie. Both of these characters are very dedicated to their careers but are lacking in the romance department. Leslie is seen as more of a friend than romantic partner and Scott is usually blinder by surface level connection thinking it is something deeper. I enjoyed watching their dynamic grow. There were sweet unexpected moments mixed with hilarious encounterbas well. In particular, the moment with the ice bucket had me cracking up!

This movie also stars James Pickens JR (Dr. Richard Webber on Grey’s Anatomy) and Phylicia Rashad (The Cosby Show). It was fun to see them other roles besides those I’m most familiar with. James Pickens Jr. plays Leslie’s father who helps provide some classic fatherly advice when she needs it the most. Similarly, Phylicia Rashad plays Scott’s mother who often helps him see the light in the moments he needs. She’s also the president of his fan club. There are also several well known NBA basketball players who appear throughout the movie. They’re usually doing what they do best playing basketball and it really added to the dynamic of the storyline.

Personally, I love romantic comedies especially when there is a will they won’t they cross the line type of vibe. Love is right in front of both Leslie and Scott but they might be just too blind to see it. Also, I like the fact that Leslie had a big heart but was also no nonsense when it came to her career. I much prefer aeeing that type of a woman in romantic comedies instead of the ditzy girl. Of course, there is a time and place for both of these kinds of characters. If you are like me and enjoy a sweet romantic comedy, I recommend you check out Just Wright.

Rating: 3.5 Stars

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