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Top Ten Tuesday: Dynamic Duos

Top Ten Tuesday is held by Jana over at That Artsy Reader Girl
Today’s topic is all about dynamic duos in books!

1. Jack/Jillian/Franny (Opposite of Always ~ Justin A. Reynolds)

2. Angel and Isaiah (Angel of Greenwood ~ Randi Pink

Together they create a sweet romance and stick together and support each other through everything in their lives.

3. Samiah/London/Taylor (The Boyfriend Project series ~ Farrah Rachon)

Yes, I’m aware that this is a dynamic trio but breaking them up can only end is disaster. Together, they are a force supporting each other through everything and helping each other grow.

Yes, another dynamic trip but you can’t split these three up. They came together due to being catfished by the same guy. They stay together becoming best friends and making a pact to invest in themselves.

4. Opal and Neville (The Final Revial of Opal and Nev ~ Dawnie Walton)

Opal and Nev created magic when they were on stage together. They were a dynamic duo but even the strongest of duos can be broken if the hatred and misunderstanding is strong enough.

5. Grace Steele and Eliza Jones (Sisters In Arms ~ Kaia Alderson)

Grace and Eliza did not always see eye to eye but together they do will do whatever is necessary to do their country.

6. Marva and Duke (The Voting Booth ~ Brandy Colbert)

Marva and Duke come from two different worlds within America. Together they have an understanding of privilege and how it works within society. And they do not let fear get in the way.

7. Brendon Lowell and Darcy Lowell (Written in the Stats series ~ Alexandria Bellefleur)

Darcy and Brendon are relatively close siblings. They don’t always agree on everything (especially when it comes to romance) but when push comes to shove, they always have each othersp backs.

8. Verity and Maggie (Code Name Verity ~ Elizabeth Wein)

These two. They hold their hearts in their hands and grab hold of yours in the process. They refused to let you go.

9. Eudora Honeysett and Rose Trewidney (The Brilliant Life lf Eudora Honeysett ~ Annie Lyons)

85 year old Eudora Honeysett and ten year old Rose Trewidney make quite the pain. Their adventures are sweet and their time together so special.

Graham Barnett and Ulysses the Moose (The Tourist Attraction ~ Sarah Morganthaler)

These two are hilarious together. Ulysses just can’t help his love for the sweet tasty bread Graham needs for his diner! And Graham’s attempts to avoid him usually do not go as planned due to his size. They always try to have each other’s backs though.

Who are some of your favorite dynamic duos in books?

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