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In Search Of A Prince | Toni Shiloh | Book Review

Brielle Adebayo lives a relatively normal life as a civics teacher in a NYC public school. She’s content with her life and not seeing big changes. That is until her mom drops a bombshells that will forever alter the course of her life. It turns out that Brielle is actually a princess of the kingdom of Olorolle’, Africa! And her potential grandfather who she has never met needs her to come and assume her royal position due to his failing health.

Right away I was excited for In Search Of A Prince. A girl who doesn’t know she’s a princess? Yes! Plus once she arrives, she finds out she had to marry before she can assume the royal responsibilities of the throne? Yes again! This had total Princess Diaries vibes and I was totally here for it. In fact, I was kind of waiting for Brielle to be like “shut up” when her mother told her. Her life just definitely got turned upside down.

Brielle never knew very much about her father as he died before she was born. Her mother never talked about him because it was so painful. She never pushed her because she was happy with her life as it was. Now that she has found out the truth, she is hurt and unsure if she can trust her mom again. She leaves for Africia with her best friend Iris. I really felt for Brielle as she was just very heartbroken and confused. Her friendship with Iris is so heartfelt – they really do support each other. And I loved the way Brielle built a relationship with her grandfather as she learned about Olorolle’.

Learning about Olorolle’ is a crucial part in Brielle’s journey and her decision if she wants to accept her role as an African Queen. The other piece that is crucial to her is her faith. Looking to the lord for advice is an important part of who she is and the foundation for her decisions. When Brielle finds out about the marriage clause, she turns to prayer to help lead her to the right choice. Even if the right choice may be deemed wrong by the rest of society. The romance of this story is so sweet and I enjoyed how it evolved with Brielle’s yearning to take over as Queen and lead Olorolle’ into the future.

In Search Of A Prince is a female positive story. Even with the marriage clause, Brielle is determined to lead of her own. She feels a very strong connection to Olorolle’ and wants what is best for the people and the land. Thankfully most of the people around her are supportive and she learns how to handle those who may disagree. This is her journey and with her faith in God, she will always find her way through.

Rating: 3.5 Stars

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