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Saturday Movie Review | Cinderella (2021)

Cinderella is currently on Amazon and is the newest version of the classic fairy tale. Only this time some things have changed. This bold approach has an all star cast that includes Camila Cabella, Nicholas Galitzine, Billy Porter, Idina Menzel, Pierce Brosnan, Minnie Driver, James Corden, and so many other great performers. For me, it was a fun remix to a story that I know so well and it kept me tapping my toes from beginning to end.

Cinderella opens with the song Rhythm Nation. You are introduced to the town, the characters, and definitely the vibe of the entire movie. Personally, I loved the use of popular music throughout the story. Maybe it’s the musical person in me but the songs kept me invested in the story I was watching. It was exciting to see what song would be next and how it would fit into the story. All of the music helped move the story forward.

Like I said, this a new approach to the classic story. Cinderella and the Prince are still there, there is still a ball and a pair of glass slippers, and a stepmother and step sisters. Except the Prince isn’t sure he wants to take over and be king like his father; Cinderella wants to design, make and sell dresses; and the stepmother and stepsister are not as evil as they appear. Especially the step mother. In this movie you actually get to see the other side of the step mother and learn why she is the way she is. I enjoyed this approach and the way the story was more focused on choices. The Prince and Cinderella have ideas and goals beyond what was presented to them. To me, this opened up the story and created a more modern atmosphere.

I know there have been more than a fair share of negative reviews out there for this movie. Personally, I don’t understand the hate. This is a cute movie. A tad cheesy perhaps but it still leaves you feeling good. Some people are saying that it is “too modern” and diminishes the role of the original. Or that it is propaganda for a certain lifestyle or life message. Maybe my mind is too open but i didn’t see this. Empowerment is not a danger. Empowerment is not a crime. A sparkly flamboyant fairy God mother that can sing is not confusing holes you make it confusing. If you view this through the eyes of a fairytale, you will still see the fairy tale you want.

Cinderella may not want any big awards but it is filled with alot of heart. These performers are committed to these roles, can sing these songs, and looking through are having fun. To me it is always better to see a cast looking energetic than bored out of their minds. Will I watch this movie again? Possibly. Will I share it empowering message with others? More than likely (see this review). I do know that I will be listening to the super catchy soundtrack from time to time too. It is definitely one that can pump you up and get you in a good mood

Rating: 4 Stars

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