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How To Survive A Scandal | Samara Parish | Book Review

How To Survive A Scandal is the first book in the Rebels With A Cause series. It is a enemies to lovers regency romance featuring a rouge, a lady, and a marriage of convenience. So basically, four of my favorite things put together. And you know how hard it is to resist your favorite things.

Since she was six years old, Lady Amelia has been groomed to be the perfect wife and duchess. Her hand is already promised to the Duke of Wildeforde but their nuptials are continously being put off for one reason or another. One night Lady Amelia leaves London unaccompanied and gets caught in a snow storm. Mr. Benedict Astley finds her and brings her inside his home. He tries to keep her warm, using any method necessary, and the two are caught in a compromising position. Now with her reputation ruined, the Duke no longer wanting to marry, and Benedict steps in trying to be a proper gentleman. The two characters are like fire and ice to each other and can not help pushing each others button.

Lady Amelia is the ice of this pairing or at least she is at first. When she was younger, she didn’t play or read because every moment was devoted to becoming the proper lady. She didn’t really have a childhood. At first, Benedict’s fiery personality grates on her just as iciness grates on him. Benedict is not a gentleman nor does he want to be. Due to her upbringing, Lady Amelia has expectations about how things should be. As she tries to make changes to her new home, the new characters banter and tension between them grows. And it is a delicious sense of tension.

The lack of understanding between Lady Amelia and Benedict mostly stems from her being part of the aristocracy and him being a part of the working class. Lady Amelis desperately wants to be seen as more than just a pretty face. She wants to prove her worth. This is where her desire to help and make changes comes from. I enjoyed seeing things from her perspective especially as she grows and finds a deeper level within herself. She is also driving Benedict crazy! Benedict is a factory worker at heart and strives to protect the people in his community from the wealthy. Especially as the wealthy continue to try and expand their reach. Throughout this, the entire town is highlighted and you can see how everything that is going on effects everyone. I really enjoyed this approach and found it to be a good introduction to other characters within the series.

How To Survive A Scandal is filled with men and women trying to break or change the current societal system. Lady Amelia and Benedict find themselves wrapped up in all of this in various ways. Their individual ideas challenge each other while also helping make each other better people within society. Together they refine each other edges. I look forward to continuing with their story in the next book in the series How To Decieve A Duke. After all the next one involves Lady Amelia’s former fiancé Edward Stirling, Duke of Wildeforde, and one of Benedicts friends Fiona. And from the sounds of it, they already have a bit of a history together.

Rating: 3.5 Stars

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