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How To Decieve A Duke | Samara Parish | Book Review

How To Deceive A Duke is the second book in the Rebels With A Cause series. It is a regency romance with a pair that has a complicated history. The two that complicates their history the most is that they are from two different classes. One is a Duke and the other is a working class girl with a passion for chemistry.

Edward Stirling is the Duke of Wildeforde. He has spent most of his life trying to protect his family and their legacy after his father died in the bed of his mistress. The only time she has even felt truly happy was when he was sneaking around with the one girl who ever caught his eye, Fiona McTavish. Fiona is a chemist and engineer. She is a rebel at heart and would never fit into the world of a proper lady. This is why Edward had to break her heart and reveal who he actually is and that he is promised to be married. Protecting his family and the future of their legacy is his top priority.

It has been five years since he broke up with her and they have managed to avoid each other. Except recently their paths have crossed when Edward’s engagement is broken off and the woman he was supposed to marry is now involved with the man who is Fiona’s business partner. Now that they are back in each others orbit, their chemistry is hard to resist. When Fiona is arrested for a crime that she did not commit, Edward can’t resist coming to her aid. There is a catch however – now she must’ve with him until her trial. The close proximity just elevates their chemistry and it is wonderful. It does not take long to see that their feelings have never really gone away. It is still bubbling right up against the surface.

I loved Fiona. She’s fierce and a bad ass chemist. She comes from a rough background and has pushed herself in order to succeed. She doesn’t like to depend on anyone so reaching out to Edward is hard for her especially when she now has to reside with him. He broke her heart. Actually he broke his own heart too. Edward is pulled in so many directions due to his responsibilities, his family, and the pressure he puts on himself. His mother is pushing him to get married and is just a scornful woman. Her words are constantly playing in his mind as he is drawn closer to Fiona. He made me shake my head though as he continuously lacked faith in Fiona and her strength as a person. Yes Fiona is not a proper lady but she still has so much to offer

The ideals of society are repeatedly brought into question throughout the book. Fiona is trying to get a patent on her project that she believes will change the world of the working class. If she approaches the business deal as a lady, she is almost immediately turned down. Yet if she wears a shirt, breeches, shoes, and a wig so she looks male, people are more likely to be taken seriously. Her class and background also impact these business deals regardless if she was dressed as a male or female. She doesn’t want Edward to put in a good word for her. She wants to do this independently. This made me admire Fiona even more; and I thought the chapters of hee trying to get a business deal were done well and fit the time period.

How To Deceive A Duke does follow the plot of the first How To Survive A Scandal with characters trying to break or change social expectations and the current social system. I do think it could be read as a solo story but there is quite a bit of interconnected characters and storylines. Past events are also referenced and do have an impact on the story moving forward. I was glad to continue with these characters and storylines and am looking forward to the next story which is going to involve Edward’s sister Charlotte.

Rating: 3.5 Stars

**I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.**

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