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The Dating Plan | Sara Desai | Audiobook Review

Why did I listen to The Dating Plan?

The Dating Plan is the second book in the The Marriage Game series. I had already listened to The Marriage Game and had an advanced copy of The Singles Table waiting for me on Netgalley. I was excited to rejoin the world of the Patel family. Plus, this was an engagement of convince storyline which is one of my favorite troupes.

What’s the story here?

Liam Murphy has recently lost his grandfather and discovers that he will inherit the family distillery only if he marries before his next birthday. He has always flown single with casual hookups only. He fears attachment due to a complicated family history. When he encounters the younger sister of his childhood best friend at a conference, he winds up having to quickly pretend to be her fake fiancé. After this encounter he realizes they help each other achieve their personal goals. He proposes a fake engagement and marriage that will last for one year. Although they have a tense history, Daisy reluctantly agrees with her own set of stipulations. After all, it is a winning situation for both of them, right?

How did I like The Dating Plan?

There was so much of The Dating Plan that could have been avoided if Liam and Daisy had just been honest with each other. As I said, there is a tense history between them and it all stems from the night of Daisy’s prom. Liam had asked Daisy if could take her to her prom. She accepted and was excited as she had a long standing crush on her brothers best friend. All of this excitement quickly disappeared when he never showed and then left town with no explanation.

It has been 10 years since the two characters have seen each other and there is alot of confusion and anger between them. There is also alot of chemistry. From the beginning you can tells these two characters have a connection. I loved watching these characters as they bantered and fought their underlying feelings. The crush that Daisy had when she was younger never really went away and then feelings Liam had started to feel for his best friends little sister half also never really gone away. They are older now and have had many things happen to them. Yet the feelings are still there stronger than ever.

The other thing that is stronger than ever is the Patel family. I loved revisiting these characters and their shenanigans. Their reactions to Daisy and Liam’s engagement is hilarious. Those aunties can be so tricky! I also enjoyed that we got to see Layla and Sam as they are planning their wedding. These sections of the story helped balance out the ones with misunderstandings, which could have just been resolved with a little honestly.

How was the narration?

The Dating Plan is narrated by Sonella Nankani and is 11 hours and 25 minutes. I listened to it on 1.5 speed and welcomed hearing the narrators voice for these characters. As she was was narrator for The Marriage Game, her voice felt familiar and everything flowed nicely. She brought the story to life with her characters.

Rating: 3.5 Stars

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