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Saturday Movie Review: P!nk – What I Know So Far

I remember the first time I heard P!nk on the radio. It was around 2000 and the song was “Most Girls” followed by “You Make Me Sick” and by the time “Don’t Let Me Get Me” was released I was hooked. She was just different from the other artists at that time, and she was rockin’ the pink hair. As the years have gone by she has stayed true to herself and become an even better person, artist, and performer. She is now also a wife and a mother to two children. All of this is what drew me into watching the documentary P!nk: What I Know So Far on Amazon.

This documentary follows P!nk as she is preparing her tour and trying to balance time with her family. The tour is going to include two nights in Manchester England which is a dream come true. The cameras take the viewer behind the scenes of the tour allowing them to meet P!nk’s touring family many of whom have been with her for years. You can see the bonds between all of them ; and how they are thrilled to be doing this together. The behind the scenes also give the opportunity to see equipment that is used on the two and the measures that are taken to keep P!nk safe as she is flying and flipping through the air.

Yes, P!nk flies and flips over during her concerts. If you haven’t seen this before, go to YouTube and watch her performance of Glitter In The Air from the Grammys. It’s so breathtaking! There are also several pieces of concerts shown throughout the documentary. I would love to be able to see her live one day. She puts on a performance as she is telling her stories. When it is not showtime or rehearsal time (practice, practice, practice), it is family time. P!nk has such a bond with her children. She treats them as independent people with their own needs and desires but who hopefully know they will always have a safety net with their mom. I love how she includes her children allowing them to experience life on the road but protecting them when needed. She really is such a wonderful example of trying to make sure they are both held and free.

P!nk’s relationship with her husband Carey is such a partnership. It really is beautiful. He doesn’t try to stifle her or keep her in a certain place but, he is her steady rock that she can always hold onto. Yes, they have had their difficulties but they learned from them. They’ve created their own style of family and give it structure in the way that works best for them. This includes the touring but also a home life filled with open space and personal BMX trails. The environment which P!nk has with her family creates the environment for her music. It is all very interconnected.

After watching the P!nk: What I Know So Far documentary I have even more respect for P!nk. She made the choice a long time ago that she was doing this music for herself and for the people who related and/or need this music. She refuses to chase awards in the industry. She is not looking for critics admiration. She will keep doing this because it is what she has always wanted to do. She wants to spread love with her music and let people known that their not alone. She is the role models she had always needed when she was a child herself. This documentary is about 91 minutes long but it flows by very quickly with its mix of behind the scenes and performances. I really enjoyed this insight and as I said have gained even more respect for P!nk as a person and an artist. I’m so grateful she followed her dreams and has allowed all of us to join in on her journey.

Rating: 5 Stars

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