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The Good Girl’s Guide To Rakes | Eva Leigh | Book Review

The Good Girl’s Guide to Rakes is the first book in the new historical romance Last Chance Scoundrels series by Eva Leigh. This was my first experience with this author but, I know it will not be my last. This book was so addictive! It had everything that I love – strong characters, strong banter, and strong chemistry. It had me hook, line, and sinker.

Kieran Ransome is the third son within his family so he doesn’t really have any responsibilities. He normally enjoys a life of leisure and sin using the allowance he receives from his parents. When the allowance is suddenly cut off with the stipulation that he must marry within the next twelve months, he turns to one of the best women he knows – his best friend Dom’s little sister Celeste. Together they work out a plan – she will help him get back into the good graces of society so that he can find a wife – and he will take Celeste to the darker parts of town allowing her to be free.

I loved Kieran and Celeste as individual characters. Kieran is a rake and he knows it. He doesn’t pretend to be anyone else and it is honestly so attractive. For the most part, he plays with all his cards on the table. There is a more sensitive side to him that is slowly revealed the more time he spends with Celeste. Celeste and her family were not always wealthy and the pressure is on her to remain a good girl and marry well so that they will fully be accepted into society. So when this opportunity arises with Kieran, she doesn’t hesitate. She explores and grows and finds out who she is truly meant to be. I really enjoyed the character growth throughout for Celeste.

The idea of Kieran and Celeste is teased right from the beginning but, neither thinks it can go anywhere because of the fact that he is best friends with her older brother. That doesn’t stop them from bantering though. Or teasing each other. Or having dirty conversations with each other. Oh so dirty! These two are such a good pairing. They bring out new sides to each other – the sides that they try to hide from the rest of society. I loved their midnight outings which often paralleled to something much less sinful during the day. They were just so wickedly good together!

The ultimatum regarding the allowance money wasn’t just put towards Kieran but also to his brother Finn and their best friend Dom. All three of these men are scoundrels but they are also the best of friends. I imagine that there will be at least two more stories in the Last Chance Scoundrels where Finn and Dom are searching to find their happily ever after before they officially lose everything. There is tease for the next pairing in The Good Girl’s Guide To Rakes and I can tell its gonna be good. Hint: it involves one of our wealthy rake gentleman and a smart, opinionate bluestocking of a woman. And boy is there chemistry and tension between them!

Rating: 4 Stars

**I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.**

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