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March 2022 Recap | April 2022 TBR

How is it already April?

March was a decent month for the most part. Let’s recap…

-I was finally able to have a couple sessions with my therapist. It felt good to unload and get a fresh perspective. Plus, she complimented my progress. I’m trying to continue journaling and destressing as Spring approaches.

-Physical therapy is kicking my ass. I was reevaluated today and it was agreed that I need a few more sessions as long as I’m eligible. My main concern is with my hamstrings. They are so tight that it pulls on my back and also affects my walking. Like I’m shuffle walking at times which is not good. It’s getting better but just so slow.

-Work continues to go well. Some scheduling issues which just makes me thankful that I’m no longer in charge of things like that. No thank you!

-Television for this month included finishing New Girl (loved it) and starting my re-watch of Will and Grace. I’m on the first season of the reboot which I did see part of but then got pulled away from it for some reason. I’m also still watching Good Sam!

-I read nine books this month which is the least amount this year. Of those nine books four were on my March TBR. I’ve been crafting alot and listening to podcasts so that is likely why the read number is low.

Current Podcasts:
-We Can Do Hard Things
-Drama Queens
-Welcome To The OC, Bitches
-Welcome To Our Show
-Office Ladies
-Vulnerable with Christy Carlson Romano
-I Hear Voices
-Wholly Human with LeAnn Rimes

April 2022 TBR
-A Brilliant Night Of Stars and Ice ~ Rebecca Connolly
-Titanic: Day By Day ~ Simon Medhurst
-This May End Badly ~ Samantha Markum
-The Date From Hell ~ Gwenda Bond
-Jagged Little Pill ~ Eric Smith
-The Antiracism Handbook ~ Edith Arlington, Thema Bryant
-Find Your Way Home ~Jackie Ashenden
-Wild At Heart ~ Stacy Gold
-In The Face Of The Sun ~ Denny S. Bryce
-She Gets The Girl ~ Rachael Lippincott and Allyson Derrick

Hope everyone has a wonderful April!

One thought on “March 2022 Recap | April 2022 TBR

  1. I’m glad your therapy sessions went well and I’m hoping you can get some more physical therapy sessions too (and that they help), that sounds so freaking painful. She Gets The Girl and This May End Badly are on my April/May TBRs!


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