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April 2022 Recap | May 2022 TBR

I’m a day behind on posting my monthly recap and to-be-read list. I guess I was enjoying the warm weather too much! I’m here now though so let’s recap…

Personal Recap
-I finished physical therapy! I still need to do the exercise at home and honestly need to come up with a way to make sure I’m doing them like I’m supposed to.
-Work continues to have a lot of scheduling issues so I’m putting in alot of extra time. I need to be careful about this so I don’t over extend myself.
-My therapist and I missed our last phone session. She was running late and I fell asleep before she called me. Hopefully we connect soon!
-I finished watching Will and Grace this month. Not entirely sure how i feel about the final episode of the reboot. I honestly thought there would be one more episode or so to go. I’m still slowly making my way through Sabrina the Teenage Witch. I’m looking to try and make my way through Schitts Creek again next month. I love that show but have yet to actually see it all the way through!
-I read ALL the books on my April tbr list. This is the first time this year. I actually read 14 books throughout the course of the month.

May TBR list:
-The Wedding Crasher ~ Mia Sosa
-Until We Meet ~ Camilla Di Maio
-A Show For Two ~Tashie Bhuiyan
-When You Call My Name ~ Tucker Shaw
-The Wedding Season – Katy Birchall
-Something Wilder ~Christina Lauren
-Love Radio ~ Ebony LaPelle

-See You Yesterday ~ Rachel Lynn Soloman
-The Black Girls Left Standing ~Juliana Goodman
-Partner Track ~ Cat Wyn

Which one should I read first?

Hope everyone has a wonderful May!

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