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The Book of Knowing and The Book of Overthinking: Dr. Knows Guide to Untangling Your Brain | Gwendoline Smith | Audiobook Review

Why did I listen to The Book of Knowing and The Book of Overthinking?

I decided to listen to the advanced copy of The Book of Knowing and The Book of Overthinking because they were all about untangling your brain and calming it down. The author Gwendoline Smith is a clinical psychologist and has written these books as guides to access and understand your feelings. As I work towards self improvement these kinds of books are always on my radar.

What’s the story here?

These two books are guides for the reader to understand and manage their feelings. The first, The Book of Knowing, focuses on the basics of cognitive behavioral therapy. It is presented in an easy and accessible way. The second, The Book of Overthinking, delves a little but deeper into topics of overthinking, worrying, and ruminating. Similarly to the first, it is all presented in an accessible way, and includes strategies for the reader to improve upon.

How did I like The Book of Knowing and The Book of Overthinking?

The Book of Knowing is presented for a younger audience but has information that can be used by all ages. It breaks down how the brain works and what happens when the brain gets overwhelmed. The breakdown of what happens when the brain is stressed out and filled with anxiety was very interesting. It helped me understand how my mind works when it is so overwhelmed. There were also techniques provided as to how to alleviate these symptoms.

The Book of Overthinking continues with this topic and provides more examples of techniques that can help an individual. I really liked the template presented throughout the book. It forces the individual to breakdown what is actually going on and how to process it. It is slightly problematic with some of the wording (i.e. fat shaming) and with a well intended book, there should be a way to make it more open and accessible. It could also feel a little bit repetitive especially after listening to The Book of Knowing.

How was the narration?

Both The Book of Knowing and The Book of Overthinking are narrated by Liza Seneca. The way that she narrated the material helped it flow which helped with the occasional dryness. She captured the intent of the book with her pace and intonation. Overall, this guide is not preachy and instead helps open up the conversation on mental illness and how it can affect the brain.

Rating: 3 Stars

*I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.**

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