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Tiger and Phil: Golf’s Most Fascinating Rivalry | Bob Harig | Audiobook Review

Why did I listen to Tiger and Phil: Golf’s Most Fascinating Rivalry?

My boyfriend is a golfer. Honestly that is probably an understatement but I don’t have time to get into all that. Over the past almost two years of us being together, I have slowly started to understand bits and pieces of the game. I don’t necessarily like to admit this but I guess it comes with the territory. Apparently so does owning your own set of gf clubs. Anyway, when I saw Tiger and Phil: Golf’s Most Fascinating Rivalry on Netgalley, I decided to give it a shot and learn more about golf’s legendary players.

What’s the story?

Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson are two golfers who have managed to achieve legendary status in the world of golf. While doing so, they have become strong rivals and stronger competitors as their careers have been intertwined. These moments of interconnection have created some of the most memorable moments in golf. And over the course of more than two decades, they have no been competitors but also friends who experienced the ups and downs of life. Tiger and Phil examines all of this and the men behind the rivalry.

How did I like Tiger and Phil?

Tiger and Phil provides a full analysis of Phil Mickelson, Tiger Woods, their careers, and their ever evolving rivalry. Both athletes have been able to accomplish greatness and this greatness pushed each other to do better. They had different ways that they approached playing golf and the style of their game. These different are discussed in depth which gave me a new perspective of both Tiger and Phil. I also learned more about the history of various competitions including the Masters, Ryder Cup, and the Players Championship.

At times I found Tiger and Phil to become a little repetitive. It seemed to be really trying to get certain points across going back to them more than once. It was obvious that the author Bob Harig had done his research and is very passionate about the subject at hand. He wanted to show a new angle to the legacies of Tiger and Phil.

How was the narration?

Tiger and Phil is narrated by Adam Barr and is 14 hours and 49 minutes in length. I listened to it at 1.5x speed. This was not an audiobook that I was able to binge. There was alot of information and a bit of time to process. I would recommend this audiobook to any golf aficionado or anyone who would like to learn more Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson.

Rating: 3 Stars

*I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.**

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