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Saturday Movie Review: Crush

Crush is a new movie released by Hulu. It stars Rowan Blanchard, Auli’i Cravalho, and Isabella Ferreira as the three main characters. It also features Megan Mullaly as Rowan Blanchard’s characters free spirits mother. The premise for this movie is hat as an attempt to finally win the eye of the girl, Gabriela, that she has been thinking about for years, Paige Evans joins the track team … only Gabrielle isn’t the only one who captures her attention.

The other girl who captures Paige’s attention is AJ – who is also Gabriela’s sister. AJ is put in charge of helping get Paige into competitive – or at the least to the point where she won’t embarrass herself or the rest of the team. Paige is an artist at heart and would much rather be sketching then running laps. The more time they spend together, the more she and AJ find common ground. Dare I say there is a little bit of flirting going on? There is a very sweet slow build up into this relationship. I was rooting for it.

Paige really felt like a teenager who was trying to find her way. She’s quirky and funny and quite the little artist. There are modern day references through out the movie which I enjoyed. I felt that they provided context for the environment that the characters are living in. The environment also appears to be pretty progressive and sex positive. There are several scenes that reference teenage sex, teenager relationships, and methods of sex sex. Paige’s mother especially is very open about her sexuality as a bi woman and encourages her daughter to explore her own sexuality. I really enjoyed the supportive dynamic between mother and daughter – and laughed as Paige cringed regarding her mother’s actions. It all felt like an actual mother/daughter relationship.

Crush provides a type of movie which really has been missing in popular culture. The characters are just living everyday teenage lives where friends who are queer are completely accepted. The relationship between the two female characters develops naturally, does not feel rushed, and is not toxic. Other than Rowen’s close friends and her mother, no one really cares who she is dating. Her friends care as friends do because they are afraid that she is going to get hurt. This is not an overprotective vibe either – it is just friends being good friends. The light-heartedness of this movie is especially noted by the lack of homophobia. While I enjoyed this movie, it is sadly not going to be for everyone due to the subject matter. Regardless, it is a cute and sweet journey if you are willing to go on it.

Rating: 4 Stars

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