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Saturday Movie Review: Operation Christmas Drop

Operation Christmas Drop is a 2020 Christmas movie that was released on Netflix. It is a romantic comedy that stars Alexander Ludwig and Kat Graham as the two leads. Kat portrays a young congress aide Erica trying to make a mark; and Alexander portrays Air Force captain, Andrew Jantz. Erica is instructed to go to the Air Force base on an evaluate it for misuse of Air Force funding, personal and equipment. The main area of concern is a local project called Operation Christmas Drop.

When Erica and Andrew meet, they immediately clash. They both have wrong first impressions of each other. Andrew thinks Erica is very uptight while Erica thinks Andrew is a bit of a slacker. As they start seeing each other in different scenarios, they realize that their immediate judgement may have been wrong. Both actors portray their characters were and there is a chemistry between them that builds through out the movie. Especially as Andrew helps reignite a love for Christmas and generosity in Erica.

The movie is set in Guam and it is stunning. Seriously, so much natural beauty! I loved the way that the various islands were introduced and it was explained the difficulties each island experienced due to location, weather, limited resources, etc. This is where Operation Christmas Drop comes in. Operation Christmas Drop is an actual even that has been occurring since 1952. All year donations are brought in with the intension that they will be used for the drop. There is a bit of fundraising that is done but it is also done entirely with with donations. None of the Air Force participations in preparing for the drop when they are supposed to be working. And the drop itself is treated as a training mission. I really enjoyed learning more about the project and how it is done yearly. The impact of Operation Christmas Drop cannot be fully explained but, you can tell how much it means for the islanders to receive materials that will help them throughout the year.

I think the fact that Operation Christmas Drop is based on a true story made it even more enjoyable. There is even a cameo by Bruce Best, who has been involved with the project for nearly 40 years. The movie also does a good job at representing all the things that may affect the soldiers in the Air Force while being away from their loved ones during Christmas. The budding romance between Andrew and Erica did not overtake the movie but occurred naturally as they spent time together working on the drop. There are even some moments where Erica forgot what her purpose was for being in Guam and honestly so did I.

Rating: 4 Stars


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