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Too Much Man | Katy James | Book Review

Too Much Man is the first book in the Firebirds series. It follows injured hockey player Gavin and coffee shop owner Piper. Their initial meeting is pretty rough as Gavin insults the coffee from the coffee shop. Of course, that is the first time he has ever had cup of coffee but regardless he insults the coffee and the coffee shop owner. After this rough start, the two hard headed characters just seem to keep running into each other and their chemistry is hard to ignore.

Gavin recently suffered a career ending injury and has no idea what to do now. At first, he turns to anger and alcohol but all that does is cover up the pain. There is a really good emotional arc for Gavin as he remembers who he has been in the eyes of the public and who he wants to be now. On the other side of this dynamic, Piper is also trying to figure out who she is and how she is represented. She identifies as bisexual and has a fear that if she is attracted to a cis-male and has a relationship with him part of her identity will be erased. Her fear is deeply rooted into how Gavin and Piper’s relationship moves forward. It takes her time and encouragement from friends to fully understand that who she dates does not determine her sexuality.

Gavin and Piper have some of the best banter whenever they are around each other ad they really cannot resist each other. I could not put this book down and was very invested in their growing dynamic. I also enjoyed the side characters which consist of fellow members of the Queer community, and teammates from Gavin’s hockey team, The Firebirds. Katy James has created a beautiful welcoming environment that I could see myself visiting time and time again.

Too Much Man has all the tings that make for a fantastic sports romantic comedy. There are both sweet and funny moments. All the characters have chemistry between each other, especially Gavin and Piper. The book moved forward very smoothly and kept my attention from beginning to end. Hockey plays a role througout but, it is not an overwhelming technical role. My hockey knowledge is pretty limited but, I fell hard for these characters. I can’t wait to see who is featured next in the Firebirds series.

Rating: 4 Stars


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