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Too Hot To Touch | Katy James | Book Review

Too Hot To Touch is the second book in the Firebird series by Katy James. I was so excited to get back into the world of Shady Hill. This time the romance centers around rising hockey superstar Tyler Valentine and PhD student teacher Murray Silva. It took my brain a bit before it got used to Murrays name. Not that it was a bad name or anything, it was unique and my brain had to adjust. Anyway, the two characters have crossed paths before but, never really connected. That is until Tyler winds up taking one of Murray’s college classes.

Tyler’s whole life has been focused around hockey and education has always been put on the back burner. When he is traded to the Firebirds as a replacement for legendary hockey player Gavin following an injury. Being around Gavin forces Tyler to reflect on what would happen for him after his hockey career. This is what causes him to go back and how Murray recognizes him in the back of her classroom.

In front of the classroom, Murray appears to be all put together but outside the classroom she is hanging by thread. She is trying to lead a classroom, work on dissertation, and work in a local coffee shop to help ends meet. She is also trying to support her family who is recovering from her mother’s recent bout with breast cancer. All of this keeps pulling her in so many different directions, she isn’t sure which way to go. So when Tyler enters her classroom, it is one more distraction she does not need but, it is oh so good.

Tyler is adorable. He takes such good care of Murray eeven while working through his own personal issues. Those include his roles on the Firebirds, how to navigate dating his hockey captains sister, and coming to terms with his sexuality. There have been rumors about his sexuality in the past – mainly due to an incident that occurred when he was on the other hockey team – and it is due to this that he has become very private about everything. There is alot of good discussion regarding defining ones own sexuality and defining how and when you reveal it if one chooses to do so.

Murray is a bit scatterbrained but she really does have the purest heart. She just keeps getting herself more and more involved with things and does not know how to say no. This is something I can completely relate to. She even agrees to tutor Tyler with her jampacked schedule. Of course, the tutoring is a nice distraction; and they have an easy chemistry together. I really enjoyed their dynamic together and how they helped each other work through their individual issues.

The Firebirds are such a wonderful found family. They are supportive of each other but are also not afraid to be real . Outside of the hockey team there is also a found family within the community. Both communities are open minded but very protective of the people that they love. Too Hot To Handle was a really good addition to the Firebirds series and I look forward to seeing what Katy James comes up with next.

Rating: 4 Stars

**I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.**


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