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A Spot Of Trouble | Teri Wilson | Book Review

A Spot of Trouble is the first book in Teri Wilson’s new series that is set in Turtle Beach. Turtle Beach is a small beach town with a set of colorful characters. Fire Deputy Sam Nash quickly learns this when he moves to the area and encounters Violet March. Violet owns the only Dalmatian in the town, or at least she does until Sam moves to town with his perfectly trained Dalmatian Cinder. In comparison, Violet’s Dalmatian Sprinkles is an untrained mess but, like violet has the warmest heart. Violet and Sam immediately clash and their chemistry and banter is so good.

Sam drives Violet crazy. He’s such a grump and is so structured. It is like he doesn’t know how to relax and have fun. In turn, Violet’s free spirited lifestyle bothers him. Violet leads yoga classes at the senior center, volunteers during Bingo, and her own cupcake truck. They are polar opposites including the fact that he is a fire deputy and she is the daughter of the police chief. Each summer the town has a baseball tournament Firefighters vs. Police and Violet is determined to support her father and brothers. Especially after last year when she was blindsided by a douche canoe of a firefighter.

Both character know exactly how to get under each others skin. I enjoyed their banter and their grumpy/sunshine dynamic. They bring out something different in each other and their dogs make quick friends. Their dogs play an important role in the story especially when they are switched by some well meaning group of elderly. Violet and Sam have no idea about the switch and living with each others dogs provides a new perspective.

The group of elderly are so much fun. I loved the antics they came up with how they supported both Sam and Violet. They were partial to Violet as they have known her longer but, they are not afraid to tell either one what they are thinking. I also really liked the atmosphere as a whole. It felt very homey and like a place I wanted to visit. A Spot Of Trouble was a really good introduction to this series and I look forward to coming back for the next one.

Rating: 4 Stars


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