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A Line In The Sand | Teri Wilson | Book Review

A Line In The Sand is the second book in the Turtle Beach series. It starts out with a bang when mermaid Molly Prince saves marine biologist Max Miller. Molly isn’t really a mermaid but, she pretends to be one for her job at the local marine museum. This is the same museum that Max recently inherited from his uncle. There are immediate sparks between Molly and Max but, these sparks quickly turn to flames when Max decides that Molly’s position at the museum is not necessary.

When Max inherits the museum he finds out that it is in financial distress and in real danger of closing. It becomes his responsibility to save the museum and that involves cutting out the programs he believes are not needed. As adorable as he finds Molly in her mermaid costume, he does not see the endeavor as profitable. He also does not think that it it proper her dog Ursula is also at the museum dressed as a lobster. By firing her he quickly makes an enemy of not only Molly but of the whole town.

When Max fires Molly, he does not know of the various things she has done to try and revive the museum. He is so goal oriented that he is not seeing the bigger picture of what the museum means to the community. Truth be told he is way too wrapped up in his work and has forgotten how to be easy and carefree. Visiting Turtle Beach was a favorite part of his childhood but, he has long forgotten that feeling. Well that is until a certain mermaid keeps entering his space.

Throughout A Line In The Sand, Molly and Max were honestly cute and hysterical together. They fit the grumpy/sunshine troupe perfectly. Ursula just adds to this dynamic by driving Max crazy. He has never been a dog person and he really doesn’t like this dog constantly digging holes on his beach property. It turns out that Ursula is digging for a reason … and this reason may just save the museum. Spending time with Molly and Ursula is also a good distraction for Max. For Molly, it allows her to just be herself with someone without fear of judgement. She has been judged all her life especially by her parents. Together, these characters help balance each other out.

Of course, Max and Molly wouldn’t be spending so much time with each other if it wasn’t for the well intentioned meddling elderly residents of Turtle Beach. They are the eyes and ears of the little down, and therefore know how to get the two squabbling characters in the same area. They really are matchmakers at heart. I enjoyed their antics and the way the town supported Molly when Max first fired her. Overall, this romance is a little bit of a slow burn which honestly did get a little tedious at times. I really just wanted them to cross that line in the sand.

Rating: 4 Stars

**I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.**


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