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Saturday Movie Review: Heathers

I have heard of the movie Heathers before but has never actually seen it before. This week I decided ot change that fate. Right from the beginning I could tell why this movie is referred to as a favorite 80s cult classic. It stars Winona Rider as teenager Veronica, Shannen Doherty as Heather D, Lisanne Falk as Heather M, Kim Walker as Heather C, and Christian Slater as new guy JD. All of these characters play and important role in the premise of the movie.

Heathers is set at Westerburg High School -a place full of cliques, jocks, and popular girls. Especially popular girls named Heather. Veronica is not popular like the Heathers but has decided to stick around them in order to survive. The Heathers are lead by Heather M and are not the nicest group. They are power hungry and known for their elaborate schemes against their classmates. They use Veronica in order to achieve these schemes; while the schemes turn Veronica’ stomach. When she meets new student JD, she is brought into a world of unintentional murder and mayhem.

When the first murder occurs, it is an accident and Veronica is attempting to right the wrongs of high school. She is trying to give the popular crew a taste of their own medicine. What she doesn’t realize is that JD is not exactly what he seem and she is about to go down a very dangerous path. While this first incident is purely accidental but, it sets forth a chain of events that are filled with teenage angst and satire. There is so much teenage angst in this movie. And honestly there is just something about movies made during the the 80s which made it even more potent. The barbs are switch and dark in the best of ways. They felt true to the perceived atmosphere of the 80s.

The parents inside this movie ware a so clueless. They have no idea what is actually going on with their teenagers. Smoking, drinking, sex, partying – you name it this movie probably has an example of it. All of this is mostly due to the way it is presented in such a satirical manner. There is also a bit of a concern throughout the movie about teenage suicides. Specifically, teenage suicide cults and when multiple teenagers from Westerburg High School are believed to have committed suicide, this idea of suicidal cults is believed to be the cause. The way the students are memorialized following their deaths – in some ways they even become more popular. Like they are good people whos sacrificed themselves for the greater good so that others could see their true selves. It is just so dark, comedic, and right on point.

Heathers plays up the stereotypes of high school so well and this is why it is such a timeless cult classics. Even with the satire there is also this real feeling depiction of what high school was like for some people. The teachers, the friendships, and the enemies, and the cliques this is all things that were part of the teenage life then and now. I’m not sure if a film like this could be made today due to the real life tension of actual school shootings. Unfortunately the reality of high school today especially with social media is almost dark satire in itself. However, there is also a Heather The Musical which has been rumored to be revived soon. I think that might have more potential of happening due to the edginess of life theater. I look forward to checking out the original cast album soon.

Rating: 4 Stars

Rating: 4 Stars

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