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Saturday Movie Review: Shania Twain – Not Just A Girl

Growing up, Shania Twain was like the queen of country for me. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed and respected Reba, Dolly, and Loretta but, Shania was the artist of my youth I have a vague memory of first hearing her sing on the radio. When her album The Woman In Me came out, I was officially hooked.

Shania Twain: Not Just A Girl is a recently released documentary about her rise to the top of the country charts. When I saw it on Netflix, I was quick to hit play and learn more about one of my favorite country artists. The documentary uses old clips, interviews, and music videos mixed with present day interviews and reflections. Shania herself, her friends, and producers all express their thoughts and memories from over the past nearly 30 years.

There are also interviews with artists that have ben influenced by Shania. As a female artist, she broke so many barriers for herself and other female artists. I loved this aspect of the documentary and how you can see her influence all over. She has influenced people beyond music too. And she has conquered everything that has been thrown in her way.

After watching and singing along to Shania Twain: Not Just A Girl, I have found myself having even more respect of Shania as an artist and a woman. She has had to over come so many obstacles! Economic, death in family, sexism, marriage, cheating spouse, divorce, motherhood, and Lyme disease are just an overview of some of the things that she has experienced. These experiences each made her stronger, influenced her music, and taught her grace and resilience. Currently, Shania is performing a residency in Las Vegas and has new music on the way. It would be a dream to be able to see her live!

Rating: 4.5 Stars


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