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Saturday Movie Review: The Princess

The Princess is a new action thriller on Hulu that was released this past summer. It caught my attention when I was skimming through Hulu trying to find something to watch. It looked like a female driven movie and I was excited to check it out. The premise of the movie is that a princess refuses to wed a cruel suitor and is then kidnapped and locked in a tower. Once she is free from her bindings, the princess discovers that the kingdom is in danger and it up to her to save it.

Joey King stars as the leading role of the princess. The role is intense and involves alot of physical stunts as the princess defends herself against the guards of the man leading the coup against the kingdom. It turns out that it is the man she was supposed to marry and he is also holding her family hostage. I was curious if the actress was actually doing all of these stunts and upon looking it up, it turned out that she did indeed do a majority of them. This was very impresses as there are many kicks, flips, and punches delivered.

As a character, the princess is very strong headed and has been secretly training as a fighter. When her father finds out, he immediately demands she stop. In this medieval type kingdom, it is the men who are the warriors and who will run the kingdom. This is the main reason for the arranged marriage as the king has no male heirs. I liked how strong this character and and how she took control of her own life. Were her actions predictable at times? Yes but I still was engaged in the battle.

The whole movie is basically one long fighting segment. There are brief flashback moments which tell the story of the princess. There are also little tidbits of humor through. This helps break up some of the on screen tenison. The battle scenes will not be for the faint of heart as there is quite a bit of blood and dismemberment. It can get a little gruesome honestly and the body is count is epically high.

As gruesome as it was, I did enjoy The Princess. It was nice to watch a female character that was able to defense herself and not wait to be rescued. This woman is no damsel in distress. She was determined to take down the patriarchy around her! The whole movie is based around the princess saving her kingdom so there are plenty of ups and downs. There really is no other focus which I found good because I was able to just focus on the princess and not a bunch of other stories. Overall, the movie is fun, adventurous , and just a good way to live vicarious through a bad ass medieval woman.

Rating: 4 Stars

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