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The Girl On The Carpathia | Eileen Enwright Hodgetts | Book Review

As most of you know if I see a book that involves the Titanic, I’m usually quick to pick it up. That is exactly what happened when I saw The Girl On The Carpathia on a shelf at my local library. For this one, the focus is not on the sinking of the Titanic but on the aftermath of the sinking. It follows the rescuing of the passengers by the Carpathia and the investigations and trials that followed.

The main character is a young woman named Kate Reyston. Kate has been hired a nanny to a first class family and she’s using this as a way to try and escape from her family’s shame. The night of the sinking of the Titanic, she finds herself volunteering to help the passengers of the Titanic aboard the Carpathia This winds up getting her involved in things that are way about her head including being a witness to subpoenas that was presented to the surviving members of the Titanic crew. From there her story is intertwined with a US senator, a sheriff, a radio operator from the Carpathia and a well known wealthy American woman.

Kate is a bit of am mysterious character. She is holding in alot of fear and pain following a situation with her family that has left her penniless. She still has the air of a wealthier woman and this is how she attracts the other characters. Well that and the way she is determined to help the broken passengers of the Titanic. Kate is a very pure hearted woman under the surface but, it is a heart that has been bruised and broken. She was a very intriguing main character and i enjoyed following her journey.

The fact that this story is entirely focused on the aftermath of the Titanic sinking allowed me to have a different perspective of the tragedy. There is pain, loss, anger, confusion, and a desperate need for answers. These answers are coming in the form Senator William Smith’s investigation into what actually happened. Author Eileen Enwright Hodgetts uses both real people and fictional characters to tell the story. Along the way alot of these individual characters are forced to reckon with what the truth may actually mean.

The Girl On The Carpathia does a really good job of blending historical accuracies with historical fiction. Right from the beginning you are taken on a journey as you get to know these character are witness to everything unfolding. Having this book be told following the tragedy of the Titanic allowed for a new perspective. It also allowed me as a reader to learn a few things that I did not know before. All in all, this is a good yet occasionally slow historical fiction story that I would recommend to all readers of historical fiction and fellow lovers of the Titanic.

Rating: 4 Stars


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