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Something Old, Something New | Amy Clipston | Book Review

Something Old, Something New is a new sweet small town romance that I absolutely adored. Brent Nicholson was the star quarterback in high school with plans of going pro. Unfortunately due to a career ending injury this dream never came to fruition. Since then his life has been one failure after another. He comes back to his hometown to help his aunt rehabilitate her home so she can move into a senior living place. He is hoping to keep a relatively low profile but that turns out not to be so easy when he keeps running into his high school hearts twin sister.

Christine Sawyer has always felt that she has been in her twin sister Britney’s shadow. Britney was the popular one in school – the one everyone knew. Even in present day her sister is happily married with two adorable twin daughters, Christine is happy running her antique store but there are times she can’t help but imagine a life similar to her sisters. When Brent comes back into town, the two keep crossing paths and each start seeing each other in a anew light.

Admittedly Brent never paid attention to Christine when they were younger. They were in two completely different crows. Post high school they never really saw each other especially once he and Britney broke up. As they start spending time together they form this sweet friendship. I really liked how the two were brought together. It didn’t feel rushed and the things that were causing rifts between them felt realistic and not that scary. Both characters also experienced personal growth and helped bring them closer together.

Small towns are my favorite settings and Flowering Grove is no exception. The imagery of the town was so prominent in my mind. I could see Christine’s shop along with the other shops in the town square. With the small towns dynamics also comes all the people who know all the people. Everything knew the history between Britney and Brent and this is why he and Christine are constantly being questioned when they are seen in town together. Honestly it was such a fun busy body type of vibe. I especially enjoyed Brent’s Aunt Midge – she was a hoot!

Something Old, Something New is such a swoony sweet romance. It is a slow burn that is written very well. There is a touch of drama but it is the kind of drama that helps characters grow. It never felt too over done to me (although I did roll my eyes at Christine’s sister Britney a few times) and it helped move the story along. I would recommend this one to anyone who loves a good small town romance. If you’re like me you’ll be thinking these characters long you turn the last page.

Rating: 4 Stars

**I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.**


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