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Lovelight Farms | B.K. Borison | Audiobook Review

Why did I listen to Lovelight Farms? When I saw Lovelight Farms on Netgalley, I was immediately ready to join this small town Christmas vibe. There’s a Christmas tree farm, delicious baked goods, best friend with hidden feelings, and a small community where everyone really does know everyone. It sounded like the perfect way toContinue reading “Lovelight Farms | B.K. Borison | Audiobook Review”

The Fixer Upper | Lauren Forsythe | Book Review

Alex is a fixer by nature. She has spent of much of her life repairing everyone else’s problems. Romances, break ups, work issues, family issues – she has fixed it all. Her main area of expertise seems to be fixing up men to the perfect version of themselves. Or at least that’s what it appearsContinue reading “The Fixer Upper | Lauren Forsythe | Book Review”

Saturday Movie Review: Autumn Stables

Autumn Stables is a 2018 Hallmark movie that stars Cindy Bubsy and Kevin McGarry aa a widow trying to sell her house and land; and the man who has his eye on it. Autumn is the widow who is trying to sell the place she and her husband bought and fixes up. Jake is theContinue reading “Saturday Movie Review: Autumn Stables”

A Haunted History Of Invisible Women: Trust Stories Of America’s Ghosts | Leanna Renee Hieber and Andrea Janes | Book Review

There is a quote on the cover of A Haunted History Of Invisible Women: True Stories Of America’s Ghosts that states “this book should not only be read but taught.” I one hundred percent agree with this assessment. Tis book capture my attention form the first page. It is historical with a touch of theContinue reading “A Haunted History Of Invisible Women: Trust Stories Of America’s Ghosts | Leanna Renee Hieber and Andrea Janes | Book Review”

Pretty Dead Queens | Alexa Donne | Book Review

Pretty Dead Queens is a new young adult thriller written by Alexa Donne. Fifty years ago, the homecoming queen was murdered and founded laying facedown in the high school pool. Since then it has become tradition to honor her memory and to never forget what happened that fateful night. Recently, Cecelia Ellis moved in withContinue reading “Pretty Dead Queens | Alexa Donne | Book Review”

The Family Game | Catherine Steadman | Book Review

Thrillers are not in my usual repertoire but occasionally there is one that will catch my eye. That is exactly what happened with The Family Game by Catherine Steadman. Harriet (Harry) recently became engaged to businessman Edward Holbeck. He is a member of the high society and his family comes form old money. Prior toContinue reading “The Family Game | Catherine Steadman | Book Review”

Saturday Movie Review: Muppets Haunted Mansion

Growing up, I was a Muppet fan; and today as an adult I still wave my Muppet banner high. This is why I decided to watch Muppets Haunted Mansion It is a brand new Muppet movie and this time it’s Gonzo who is going on a new adventure. The movie features all your favorite MuppetsContinue reading “Saturday Movie Review: Muppets Haunted Mansion”

Angelika Frankeinstein Makes Her Match | Sally Thorne | Book Review

Angelika Frankenstein is the younger sister of scientist Victor Frankenstein. She has lived a some what sheltered life and has been unable to find a proper suitor. One ight when she is helping her bother gather the pieces for his next experiment, an idea forms that if she can’t find the perfect made perhaps sheContinue reading “Angelika Frankeinstein Makes Her Match | Sally Thorne | Book Review”

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