Hang The Moon | Alexandria Bellefleur | Book Review

Written in the Stars was one of my favorite reads of 2021 so I was very excited to dive back into that world with Hang The Moon. This time the focus is on Brandon and Annie – the brother and the best friend – and it is so swoon worthy! It has everything you couldContinue reading “Hang The Moon | Alexandria Bellefleur | Book Review”

Miss Match | Laurelin McGee | Book Review

Miss Match is like ordering a delicious glass of bubbly wine and drinking it all up. It is such a quirky, heart-warming, and laugh out loud funny book. And the chemistry between the main characters is top notch! Blake hires Andrea to be his matchmaker. He instructs her to find him a wife – someoneContinue reading “Miss Match | Laurelin McGee | Book Review”

All The Bright Places | Jennifer Niven | Audiobook Review

Why Did I Listen To All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven? I listen to All The Bright Places because I had read the advance reader copy in 2015 but, never reviewed it. As my goal for April and May was to catch up on some of my Netgalley reads, I decided that instead ofContinue reading “All The Bright Places | Jennifer Niven | Audiobook Review”

May 2021 Recap | June TBR 2021

We have officially reached the halfway point for 2021! Part of me is still waiting to catch up from last year. May was an interesting month. Let’s recap… Personal Review: ~>I continued with therapy this month. It has been helpful. After last session, I’ve started writing a daily therapy review with any concerns that IContinue reading “May 2021 Recap | June TBR 2021”

This Is My Brain In Love | I.W. Gregorio | Book Review

From the opening prologue of This is My Brain In Love, I was curious about the context of what was going to happen. I had a pit in my stomach and wondered if I was going to be heart-broken by the end. Yet, I also had a feeling that this was going to be aContinue reading “This Is My Brain In Love | I.W. Gregorio | Book Review”

The Voting Booth | Brandy Colbert | Book Review

The Voting Booth is a quick young adult read. It takes place all in one day and focuses on two young Black youths voting for the first time. The first, Marva, is very politically focused and has waited for this day for a long time. The second, Duke, recently lost his politically activist older brotherContinue reading “The Voting Booth | Brandy Colbert | Book Review”

Lifting As We Climb | Evette Dionne | Book Review

Lifting As We Climb: Black Women’s Battle For The Ballot Box by Evette Dionne is such an important book. I am a student of women’s studies. I have my master’s degree in the field. However, I still feel like my knowledge is limited, and I am always looking for ways to add to it. MoreContinue reading “Lifting As We Climb | Evette Dionne | Book Review”

Parachutes | Kelly Yang | Book Review

Parachutes by Kelly Yang is a book that will stay with me for a long time. This is such a hard-hitting young adult book. It covers so many current societal and cultural issues: rape culture, cultural differences, sexual harassment, wealth, privilege, racism, classism, friendship, prejudice, homophobia, familial dynamics, parental expectations, beauty standards, sex, toxic relationships,Continue reading “Parachutes | Kelly Yang | Book Review”

Float Plan | Trish Doller | Book Review

When Float Plan by Trish Doller was first released, I heard so many good things about it. So much so that I got onto Libby and put a hold on it. And after patiently waiting, I was able to borrow it, and it only took less than two days to read all of it. FromContinue reading “Float Plan | Trish Doller | Book Review”

Top Ten Tuesday: Small Town Romance Book Quotes

Top Ten Tuesday is held by Jana over at That Artsy Reader Girl. Today’s topic is Book Quotes that Fit ______ Theme. The theme I picked was small town romance! Brown Eyed Girl by Lisa Kleypas “Sometimes starting a relationship is the worst thing you can do to someone you love” Goodnight Tweetheart by Teresa MedeirosContinue reading “Top Ten Tuesday: Small Town Romance Book Quotes”

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