Fake It Till You Bake It | Jamie Wesley | Book Review

It took me a little bit to get into Fake It Till You Bake It but once I did I really did enjoy the ride. From the moment that Jada and Donovan meet, they bring out the fire in each other. Jada insults his cupcakes business and he thinks she is a pretentious bear. TheirContinue reading “Fake It Till You Bake It | Jamie Wesley | Book Review”

Until We Meet | Camille Di Maio | Book Review

Until We Meet is a new historical fiction set during World War II. It follows two groups of friends as they try and survive the war. The first is best friends Gladys, Dottie, and Margaret – three women working in the Navy Yard and knitting socks for the soldiers in their spare time. The secondContinue reading “Until We Meet | Camille Di Maio | Book Review”

Top Ten Tuesday: Book Covers That Feel Like Summer

Top Ten Tuesday is held by Jana over at That Artsy Reader GirlToday’s topic is all about book covers that feel like summer! 1. The Best Is Yet To Come ~ Debbie Macomber 2. Someone Else’s Honeymoon ~ Phoene Macleod 3. Crossing The Line ~ Lynn Rush & Kelly Anne Blout 4. The Sweet Spot ~Continue reading “Top Ten Tuesday: Book Covers That Feel Like Summer”

The Romance Recipe | Ruby Barrett | Book Review

Sophie Brunet is a former reality shower finalist who was recently hired as the head chef for Amy Chambers restaurant. All she want so to do is cook without all the distractions. Unfortunately, she restaurant is failing, and its owner is one of those distractions. Sophie and Amy clash every time they are in theContinue reading “The Romance Recipe | Ruby Barrett | Book Review”

Cowboy Ever After | Jennie Marks | Book Review

Kaylee Collins is writing a Western romance but, has no real experience in the country. She is a city dweller at heart; and now no one is buying into her attempt at sounding like she knows what she is talking about. Her editor ends her to spend a week at a working ranch. She isContinue reading “Cowboy Ever After | Jennie Marks | Book Review”

Saturday Movie Review: A Castle For Christmas

A Castle For Christmas is an original Netflix movie that came out in 2021. It stars Brooke Shields as an author whose most recent book is facing the wrath of her readings. She travels to Scotland to escape the scandal and while there she finds a castle that plays an important role in her familyContinue reading “Saturday Movie Review: A Castle For Christmas”

Love Radio | Ebony LaDelle | Book Review

When I saw the synopsis for Love Radio on Netgalley, I was immediately intrigued by the Hitch references. I saw Hitch in the movie theatre when it came out with a group of friends and enjoyed it. I still think it is a good movie and was curious how the premise would translate to aContinue reading “Love Radio | Ebony LaDelle | Book Review”

The Loophole | Naz Kutub | Book Review

The Loophole has been pitched as a magic adventure whose main character is a gay Muslim teenager. In a basic sense that is exactly what happens. When Sy meets Reggie and she tells him she can grant him three wishes, an adventure begins and his life is forever changed. Prior to meeting Reggie, he isContinue reading “The Loophole | Naz Kutub | Book Review”

The Black Girls Left Standing | Juliana Goodman | Book Review

The Black Girls Left Standing had me turning the pages and empathizing with the main character. The main character is Beau, and as the novel begins Beau is at her sister Katia’s funeral. Katia was shot and killed by a white off duty police officer who thought she was trying to break into his house.Continue reading “The Black Girls Left Standing | Juliana Goodman | Book Review”

Wash Day Diaries | Jamila Rowser and Robyn Smith | Book Review

Wash Day Diaries is a new graphic novel that celebrates the strength of Black women and their friendships. It tells the story of four best friends – Kim, Tanisha, Cookie, and Davene – using short comics which are all interconnected. This graphic novel is also a celebration of wash day – which is the collectiveContinue reading “Wash Day Diaries | Jamila Rowser and Robyn Smith | Book Review”

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