Looks Good On Paper | Kilby Blades | Book Review

Looks Good On Paper is such a sweet contemporary romance. I was hooked right from the beginning. Of course that might be because I’m a sucker for romances that start out as two strangers connecting over a shared passion. In this case it is pen pals Zuri and Nico. Zuri is an American who signedContinue reading “Looks Good On Paper | Kilby Blades | Book Review”

The Littlest Library | Poppy Alexander | Book Review

The Littlest Library follows thirty-two year old Jessica “Jess” Metcalfe as she moves to the small village of Middlemass finding new friends and adventure. There are a series of events that play a role in her decision to move. At the forefront though is the recent death of her grandmother who raised her since sheContinue reading “The Littlest Library | Poppy Alexander | Book Review”

Aces Wild: A Heist | Amanda Dewitt | Audiobook Review

Why did I listen to Aces Wild: A Heist? I came across Aces Wild: A Heist on Netgalley and was immediately intrigued. A complete cast of asexual characters who are meeting for the first time in Las Vegas? Plus, there may be some sort of heist involved? Count me in! What’s the story here? GamblingContinue reading “Aces Wild: A Heist | Amanda Dewitt | Audiobook Review”

Count Your Lucky Stars | Alexandria Bellefleur | Book Review

Count Your Lucky Stars is the third novel in the Written in the Stars series. I have really enjoyed reading these books and have become attached to the characters. And if I’m honest Margot has become my favorite character. I couldn’t wait for her to get her happily ever after! So much so that IContinue reading “Count Your Lucky Stars | Alexandria Bellefleur | Book Review”

Sh*t I Say To Myself | Katie Krimer LCSW | Book Review

Sh*t I Say To Myself is a self-help guide written by psychotherapist Katie Krimer regarding how to break up with a toxic mindset. Using cognitive behavioral therapy, the author provides the reader with techniques of letting go of negative thoughts and moving forward with positivity and confidence. This is a straight forward approach to improvingContinue reading “Sh*t I Say To Myself | Katie Krimer LCSW | Book Review”

Every Shade Of Happy | Phyllida Shrimpton | Book Review

Every Shade of Happy is a heartwarming story about independence and familial relationships. The main character Algernon is 97 years old, lives alone with his cat who he aptly named Cat, and is very set in his routine. He is a widow with one daughter Helene whom he has an estranged relationship with. When HeleneContinue reading “Every Shade Of Happy | Phyllida Shrimpton | Book Review”

The Wedding Crasher | Mia Sosa | Book Review

The Wedding Crasher is the companion romance to The Worst Best Man by Mia Sosa. It features Dean, who is the best friend of Max from the previous book; and Solange, who is hired to help with Dean’s wedding. Everything thing is all set, ready to go until Solange overheard the bride having a privateContinue reading “The Wedding Crasher | Mia Sosa | Book Review”

The Forgotten Bookshop In Paris | Daisy Wood | Book Review

Juliette and her husband Kevin are on a romantic vacation in Paris. Or at least it is supposed to be romantic but with Kevin’s attitude and lack of enthusiasm it has become anything else. Prior to returning home, she discoveries that he has been having an affair with one of their neighbors. Heartbroken and andContinue reading “The Forgotten Bookshop In Paris | Daisy Wood | Book Review”

Boys I Know | Anna Gracia | Book Review

Boys I Know is a young adult book set during the period of time of high school ending and real life beginning. Or at least what is perceived to be real life. It is a messy part of life for some. June Chu is a character who fulfilled the role of messiness during this transitionalContinue reading “Boys I Know | Anna Gracia | Book Review”

The Cat Behavior Answer Book: Practical Insights & Proven Solutions For Your Feline Questions | Arden Moore | Book Review

The Cat Behavior Answer Book is exactly what the name implies. The author Arden Moore has gather some of the most popular cat facts and questions. The goal is to help cat owners better understand their cats. If that is even possible I mean. As a long time owner, I was interested to see whatContinue reading “The Cat Behavior Answer Book: Practical Insights & Proven Solutions For Your Feline Questions | Arden Moore | Book Review”

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