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January 2023 TBR

1. Never Ever Getting Back Together ~ Sophie Gonzales 2. A Tale Of Two Princes ~ Eric Geron 3. The Rom Com Agenda ~ Jayne Denker 4. I’m No Philosopher But I’ve Got Thoughts ~ Kristin Chenoweth 5. Choosing Family ~ Francesca Royster 6. Song of Silver, Flame like Night ~ Amelie Wen Zhao 7.Continue reading “January 2023 TBR”

August 2022 TBR | Summer Mixtape Readathon | ARC August

I can’t believe it’s already August! That means it is also my birthday month. I’ll be 35 in just a few days! It’s crazy to think that I was just 24 when I first started blogging book reviews. Sometimes it feels like it was yesterday and other days it feels like forever ago! For thisContinue reading “August 2022 TBR | Summer Mixtape Readathon | ARC August”

April 2022 Recap | May 2022 TBR

I’m a day behind on posting my monthly recap and to-be-read list. I guess I was enjoying the warm weather too much! I’m here now though so let’s recap… Personal Recap -I finished physical therapy! I still need to do the exercise at home and honestly need to come up with a way to makeContinue reading “April 2022 Recap | May 2022 TBR”

March 2022 Recap | April 2022 TBR

How is it already April? March was a decent month for the most part. Let’s recap… -I was finally able to have a couple sessions with my therapist. It felt good to unload and get a fresh perspective. Plus, she complimented my progress. I’m trying to continue journaling and destressing as Spring approaches. -Physical therapyContinue reading “March 2022 Recap | April 2022 TBR”

February 2022 Recap | March 2022 TBR

Wow. Another month done in 2022! And now we get to realize that it will shortly be three years since this pandemic started. Part of me has a hard time believing this while the other part of me (the part that has worked and lived through this) is just plain exhausted. This February I…. -IContinue reading “February 2022 Recap | March 2022 TBR”

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