Feminist City | Leslie Kern | Book Review

Feminist City by Leslie Kern is a well researched introduction of the concepts of feminism within the urban world. It is filled with varying ideas and concepts about how women have been and are currently still trying to survive in the world which has been created for them. There is a strong focus on howContinue reading “Feminist City | Leslie Kern | Book Review”

Love and Other Natural Disasters | Misa Sugiura | Book Review

Love and Other Natural Disasters was a book that was easy to get into. From the beginning, I could tell that it was going to be set up as a romantic comedy. Unfortunately, there were times when the comedy felt more cringeworthy than romantic comedy. The main character would do or say something that wasContinue reading “Love and Other Natural Disasters | Misa Sugiura | Book Review”

The Paris Connection | Lorraine Brown | Book Review

The Paris Connection gave me the gift of being able to travel to Paris through a book. Paris is one of the places on my travel list just because I think it would be amazing to see the Eiffel Tower in person. Even more so after the views which were described within this book. IContinue reading “The Paris Connection | Lorraine Brown | Book Review”

So We Meet Again | Suzanne Park | Book Review

So We Meet Again tells the story of a women named Jessica who is living the perfect life. She has a high pressure job on Wall Street that she enjoys but, could be made better with a promotion. She is also supposed to start an elite college in the fall. Suddenly, her life starts notContinue reading “So We Meet Again | Suzanne Park | Book Review”

The Last Goodbye | Fiona Lucas | Book Review

The Last Goodbye is a slow burn story that caused me to feel so many different emotions. It is a story of grief, of tragedy, of memories, of complicated family dynamics and of new beginnings. The first person you meet is Anna, who lost her husband three years ago, and is struggling with the loss.Continue reading “The Last Goodbye | Fiona Lucas | Book Review”

It’s Raining Men | Julie Hammerle | Book Review

It’s Raining Men is a book that really took me by surprise. I’ll admit when I first saw the advance reader copy on Netgalley, the famous hit by The Weather Girls immediately started playing in my head. You know: “it’s raining men! halleluiah! it’s raining men!” which I’m pretty sure was author Julie Hammerle’s planContinue reading “It’s Raining Men | Julie Hammerle | Book Review”

Love At First Fight | Mary Jayne Baker | Book Review

Love At First Fight is a modern day retelling of Much Ado About Nothing. Now I’ll admit that I’m not completely familiar with the original but, I was drawn to the enemies to lovers storyline. The title just screamed banter and tension to me which this book did have. Unfortunately, I didn’t think it fullyContinue reading “Love At First Fight | Mary Jayne Baker | Book Review”

I Kissed A Girl | Jennet Alexander | Book Review

I Kissed A Girl is the debut novel of Jennet Alexander. I was drawn to it based on the premise of it being a LGBTQIA romance between a struggling B horror movie actress and the new make up artist on set. In my mind I was immediately visualizing a B horror set like something youContinue reading “I Kissed A Girl | Jennet Alexander | Book Review”

Satisfaction Guaranteed | Karelia Stetz-Waters | Book Review

Satisfaction Guaranteed is such a delightful LGBTQ romantic comedy. The last thing Cade Elgin expects to inherit a house and a failing sex shop from her deceased Aunt but suddenly she is called from her life in NYC to Portland, Oregon for exactly that. She is not the only one who has inherited though. HerContinue reading “Satisfaction Guaranteed | Karelia Stetz-Waters | Book Review”

This Poison Heart | Kalynn Bayron | Book Review

This Poison Heart was a book that I had anxiously been waiting for since I first heard about it. I got the sense that it was going to be like a retelling of The Secret Garden with perhaps a more sinister calling ala Little Shop of Horrors. And I happen to love both of thoseContinue reading “This Poison Heart | Kalynn Bayron | Book Review”

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