I Hated You First |Rachel John | Audiobook Review

Why did I listen to I Hated You First by Rachel John? I had some policies to read for work and wanted to have something in the background. So I scrolled through Libby to find a new audiobook to listen to. I Hated You First sounded like it would be right up my alleyway withContinue reading “I Hated You First |Rachel John | Audiobook Review”

Hold Her Again | Shannon Stacey | Audiobook Review

Why did I listen to Hold Her Again? It was another shift at work and I wanted something to listen to while I did some yarn and plastic cavasing. So I looked up holiday audiobooks on Libby and came across Hold Her Again. It sounded like a cute second chance romance with a Christmas background.Continue reading “Hold Her Again | Shannon Stacey | Audiobook Review”

A Christmas Carol | Charles Dickens | Audiobook Review

Why did I listen to A Christmas Carol? Over the years I have become very familiar with the story of A Christmas Carol but I’m always up to revisit it. I was looking to listen to something “easy” and that I was familiar with while at work and decided in thus one. I thought itContinue reading “A Christmas Carol | Charles Dickens | Audiobook Review”

Haunted Hospital | Marty Chan | Audiobook Review

Why did I listen to Haunted Hospital? I was looking for a Halloween book to listen to while at work. When I read the synopsis of Haunted Hospital, it seemed like the perfect fit. It sounded easy to follow with a touch of spookiness which I like. I didn’t want to be too scared atContinue reading “Haunted Hospital | Marty Chan | Audiobook Review”

On Christmas Eve | Ann. M. Martin | Audiobook Review

Why did I listen to On Christmas Eve? I was looking for a short Christmas story to listen to while at work and came across On Christmas Eve on Libby. Given that it was written by one of my favorite childhood authors Ann. M. Martin, I immediately intrigued and ready to learn about the littleContinue reading “On Christmas Eve | Ann. M. Martin | Audiobook Review”

The Siren | Katherine St. John | Audiobook Review

Why did I read The Siren? The Siren came to my attention via Twitter or Instagram and was described as a rollercoaster of a story. I was intrigued and decided to borrow the audiobook so that I could check it out for myself. I was looking for a book that would provide a change ofContinue reading “The Siren | Katherine St. John | Audiobook Review”

The Rural Diaries | Hilarie Burton Morgan | Audiobook Review

Why did I listen to The Rural Diaries? I listened to The Rural Diaries: Love, Livestock, and Big Life Lessons Down On Mischief Farm because I was curious to learn about author Hilarie Burton Morgan’s life outside what I knew about her on One Tree Hill. I honestly only knew bits and pieces and wasContinue reading “The Rural Diaries | Hilarie Burton Morgan | Audiobook Review”

A New York Christmas | Anne Perry | Audiobook Review

WHY DID I LISTEN TO A NEW YORK CHRISTMAS BY ANNE PERRY? A New York Christmas is a book that has been on my TBR in 2014 as an ARC. I think it has just been a case of too many books not enough time. When I found the audiobook on Libby, I immediately borrowedContinue reading “A New York Christmas | Anne Perry | Audiobook Review”

Mr. Miracle | Debbie Macomber | Audiobook Review

WHY DID I LISTEN TO MR. MIRACLE BY DEBBIE MACOMBER? Mr. Miracle is a Debbie Macomber Christmas story which I have read previously. I have also seen the Hallmark movie based on this story. Yet for some reason, I never actually reviewed the ARC as I was supposed to when it originally came out. SoContinue reading “Mr. Miracle | Debbie Macomber | Audiobook Review”

Carry On Warrior | Glennon Doyle | Audiobook Review

Why Did I Listen To Carry On Warrior by Glennon Doyle? Carry On Warrior: Thoughts On Life Unarmed is the first memoir written by activist and blogger Glennon Doyle. I had previously read it but decided that I wanted to re-read it as I love Glennon and am always wanting to learn more from herContinue reading “Carry On Warrior | Glennon Doyle | Audiobook Review”

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