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Punching The Air | Ibi Zovoi and Yusef Saalam | Book Review

Punching The Air is a powerful verse novel about a young Muslim Black boy who is wrongly incarcerated. At 16 years old, Amal Shahid goes from attending a diverse art school to be convicted of a crime he did not commit and going to jail. Suddenly it becomes very obvious that an altercation will onlyContinue reading “Punching The Air | Ibi Zovoi and Yusef Saalam | Book Review”

The Girl Least Likely | Katy Loutzenhiser | Book Review

The Girl Least Likely is funny. It’s not the forced kind of funny which can unfortunately happen when an adult is trying to write from the voice of a teenager. As someone who always felt like they were on the outside looking in, it was nice to feel represented and seen in the maze thatContinue reading “The Girl Least Likely | Katy Loutzenhiser | Book Review”

Concrete Rose | Angie Thomas | Book Review

Concrete Rose is the prequel to The Hate U Give (THUG) by Angie Thomas. I admittedly waited until last year to finally read THUG and immediately regretted it. I didn’t want to make the same mistake with this one. I was excited to learn more about Maverick’s story and see how he became the fatherContinue reading “Concrete Rose | Angie Thomas | Book Review”

On The Come Up | Angie Thomas | Book Review

When I read The Hate U Give, I remember thinking to myself that Angie Thomas was the new voice in Young Adult literature; and we were going to be forever blessed by her words. After reading On The Come Up, I stand by my thoughts, and feel blessed as a reader. This time the storyContinue reading “On The Come Up | Angie Thomas | Book Review”

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