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The Playlist Book Tag (2)

I did this book tag last month and had so much fun I decided to do it again. Here we go… The Rules: Put your music on shuffle and pick out the first ten songs. Take each song and match it with a book it reminds you of Roar ~ Katy Perry // The WarContinue reading “The Playlist Book Tag (2)”

That’s What HE Said Thursday

That’s What He Said Thursday is hosted by Chapter Break. I thought it would be fun to participate using one of my most recent reads Love Lettering by Kate Clayborn. Meg Mackworth’s hand-lettering skill has made her famous as the Planner of Park Slope, designing beautiful custom journals for New York City’s elite. She hasContinue reading “That’s What HE Said Thursday”

Chasing the Four Winds

Reading, Writing, Nerding, and Honoring the Oxford Comma Since 1987.

A. A. MacConnell

When you write drabbles, you relieve the pressure of the epic novel expanding in your head.

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