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Love Always Christmas | Karen Schaler | Book Review

Love Always, Christmas is a new holiday story written by award winning screen writer Karen Schaler. From beginning to end, it feels like one big Christmas hug. It follows social media expert Libby Larson as she navigates the recent loss of her mother and the discovery of a long lost family friend. It is anContinue reading “Love Always Christmas | Karen Schaler | Book Review”

Saturday Movie Review: Christmas at the Golden Dragon

Christmas At The Golden Dragon is a new Hallmark Christmas movie. It stars Kara Wang and Osric Chau as siblings Romy and Rick whose family owns a Chinese restaurant that is famous for being open on Christmas day. When it announced that their parents are closing the restaurant Romy and Rick are forced to reflectContinue reading “Saturday Movie Review: Christmas at the Golden Dragon”

His Christmas Guardian | Cindy Dees | Book Review

His Christmas Guardian pulls you right in from the beginning. It is part of the Runaway Ranch series but, all of these books can be read as a stand alone. The story starts out at a cocktail party in an art gallery where the main character Nick, a government ops operator, is tracking another guest.Continue reading “His Christmas Guardian | Cindy Dees | Book Review”

Saturday Movie Review: A Maple Valley Christmas

A Maple Valley Christmas is a brand new Hallmark Christmas movie and is the first movie I have watched this season. The movie stars Andrew Walker (Aaron) and Peyton List (Erica) as a business man and a rancher who find themselves clashing over a business deal. The only world that Erica has ever really knownContinue reading “Saturday Movie Review: A Maple Valley Christmas”

Lovelight Farms | B.K. Borison | Audiobook Review

Why did I listen to Lovelight Farms? When I saw Lovelight Farms on Netgalley, I was immediately ready to join this small town Christmas vibe. There’s a Christmas tree farm, delicious baked goods, best friend with hidden feelings, and a small community where everyone really does know everyone. It sounded like the perfect way toContinue reading “Lovelight Farms | B.K. Borison | Audiobook Review”

Saturday Movie Review: Next Stop, Christmas

Next Stop Christmas is a Hallmark Christmas movie that was released in 2021. It stars Lyndsy Fonseca as a career oriented doctor who is determined to spend Christmas alone but, suddenly her commuter train ride turns into a Christmas train and drops her off in her hometown during Christmas 2011. The movie also stars EricContinue reading “Saturday Movie Review: Next Stop, Christmas”

Once Upon A Wish-Mas | Laura Barnard | Book Review

Once Upon A Wish-Mas is a whimsical holiday romance that made me wonder what would have happened if Mr. Banks from Mary Poppins had been a younger single father when Mary Poppins entered his life as his children’s nanny. Ruby Campbell interviews for the position of nanny at the Rothchester house. She would be theContinue reading “Once Upon A Wish-Mas | Laura Barnard | Book Review”

Saturday Movie Review: A Castle For Christmas

A Castle For Christmas is an original Netflix movie that came out in 2021. It stars Brooke Shields as an author whose most recent book is facing the wrath of her readings. She travels to Scotland to escape the scandal and while there she finds a castle that plays an important role in her familyContinue reading “Saturday Movie Review: A Castle For Christmas”

The Mistletoe Countess | Pepper D. Basham | Book Review

The Mistletoe Countess is a slow burn read. When I was first reading it, it was taking a bit to get into it. So I set it aide for a bit and when I picked it back up, it was easier to get into and I found myself enjoying the slow burn. It was aContinue reading “The Mistletoe Countess | Pepper D. Basham | Book Review”

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