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P.S. I Hate You | Sophie Ranald | Book Review

I thought P.S. I Hate You would be completely different than what the story actually was. I think I was expecting enemies to lovers vibe within the second chance romance. I never really thought these characters actually hated each other. They had just been through the fire and were now trying to put out theContinue reading “P.S. I Hate You | Sophie Ranald | Book Review”

Punching The Air | Ibi Zovoi and Yusef Saalam | Book Review

Punching The Air is a powerful verse novel about a young Muslim Black boy who is wrongly incarcerated. At 16 years old, Amal Shahid goes from attending a diverse art school to be convicted of a crime he did not commit and going to jail. Suddenly it becomes very obvious that an altercation will onlyContinue reading “Punching The Air | Ibi Zovoi and Yusef Saalam | Book Review”

The Love Hypothesis | Ali Hazelwood| Book Review

The Love Hypothesis is an absolute delight! I was reading the majority of it whole at work and was grateful that my face mask was on hiding the gigantic grin on my face. I fell hard for these characters, their dynamic, and how everything unfolded. It was just so well done. The Love Hypothesis isContinue reading “The Love Hypothesis | Ali Hazelwood| Book Review”

The Ex Hex | Erin Sterling | Book Review

The Ex Hex is the perfect Halloween read. It’s funny, sweet, and filled with magic. I’m so excited that it appears to be part of a series because I want to see these characters again. I have fallen for them and their small quirky town. The main character is a witch named Vivi, who remindsContinue reading “The Ex Hex | Erin Sterling | Book Review”

A Royal Christmas Fairy Tale | Karen Schaler | Book Review

‘Tis the season to start reading those Christmas stories and listening to that favorite Christmas music. Or at least, it is for me. This year I started by listening to Reba’s Christmas album and reading A Royal Christmas Fairy Tale. It was such a simple start for the holiday season. A Royal Christmas Fairy TaleContinue reading “A Royal Christmas Fairy Tale | Karen Schaler | Book Review”

The Dating Playbook | Farrah Rochon | Book Review

The Dating Playbook is the second book in The Boyfriend Project series. This one continues the bonding and friendship between the characters of Simiah, Taylor, and London while giving Taylor a taste of unexpected romance. I loved continuing with this group of ladies and getting to know Taylor better. Taylor is a fitness expert orContinue reading “The Dating Playbook | Farrah Rochon | Book Review”

The Boyfriend Project | Farrah Rochon | Book Review

The Boyfriend Project is a new series that follows three women who become friends after discovering that they have all been dating the same man. It starts out with a bang as the women confront the man and come together to swear off men and focus on themselves for a change. Thus beginning “the boyfriendContinue reading “The Boyfriend Project | Farrah Rochon | Book Review”

Like Cats and Dogs | Kate McMurray | Book Review

Like Cats and Dogs is the first book in the new Whitman Street Cat Café series by Kate McMurray. It is a romantic comedy set in a small town that has a cat café. The cat café is located right next door to the local vet office. When the new vet Caleb comes to town,Continue reading “Like Cats and Dogs | Kate McMurray | Book Review”

That Wedding | Jillian Dodd | Book Review

Warning: There are some spoilers in this review so do not go any further if you do not wish to be spoiled! That Wedding by Jillian Dodd continues the small town friendship of Jadyn (JJ), Phillip, and Danny from That Boy. In this follow up, Jadyn and Phillip are planning their wedding; and what shouldContinue reading “That Wedding | Jillian Dodd | Book Review”

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