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She Gets The Girl | Rachael Lippincott and Alyson Derrick | Book Review

She Gets The Girl follows an old school formula and it results in a wonderful gem of a storyline. The old school formula in this case was “extrovert flirt tries to teach introverted new lesbian how to get the girl.” Of course along the way some feelings emerge forcing each character to reevaluate what theyContinue reading “She Gets The Girl | Rachael Lippincott and Alyson Derrick | Book Review”

How To Love Your Neighbor | Sophie Sullivan | Book Review

How To Love Your Neighbor is a fun enemies to lovers contemporary romance. Grace Travis is attending college for interior design and recently inherited her grandparents house. The house has been empty for about and is in need of some serious TLC. It also comes with a neighbor, Noah Jansen, who wants to buy herContinue reading “How To Love Your Neighbor | Sophie Sullivan | Book Review”

Celebration At Christmas Cove | Carrie Jansen | Book Review

Celeste is a travel blogger and she has agreed to take an assignment in New Orleans for Christmas. It is her first Christmas without her mother and she’s not really in a mood for celebrating. So she 5wkes the assignment and plans on hiding from her memories. On paper it looks like the perfect planContinue reading “Celebration At Christmas Cove | Carrie Jansen | Book Review”

A Magical New York Christmas | Anita Hughes | Book Review

Every once in a while you find a book that takes you on a magical holiday adventure in one of your favorite places. For me, this was A Magical New York Christmas by Anita Hughes. It is the week of Christmas in NYC and struggling journalist Sabrina Post has arrived at The Plaza Hotel forContinue reading “A Magical New York Christmas | Anita Hughes | Book Review”

His Holiday Crush | Cari Z | Book Review

Max Robertson had returned to Edgewood for the first time in a decade to visit his best friend Hal and his “nieces”. It was supposed to be just one night but all of that is changed when his car crashes into a snow bank. The police come to investigate the scene and to his surpriseContinue reading “His Holiday Crush | Cari Z | Book Review”

No Ordinary Christmas | Belle Calhoune | Book Review

No Ordinary Christmas is the first book of a new series set in Mistletoe Maine. Mistletoe is the home of Hollywood actor Dante West and he has come back home to film his newest movie. He had returned home to help the local economy but also to make amends with the people he hurt whenContinue reading “No Ordinary Christmas | Belle Calhoune | Book Review”

Snowflakes Over The Starfish Café | Jessica Redland | Book Review

Snowflakes Over The Starfish Café is the newest book written by Jessica Redland. I had previously read a few of her “Whitsboro Bay” series and had enjoyed them. When I saw this new book on Netgalley I couldn’t resist requesting it and diving into another seaside romance. Especially since it was set during Christmas time.Continue reading “Snowflakes Over The Starfish Café | Jessica Redland | Book Review”

Like Cats and Dogs | Kate McMurray | Book Review

Like Cats and Dogs is the first book in the new Whitman Street Cat Café series by Kate McMurray. It is a romantic comedy set in a small town that has a cat café. The cat café is located right next door to the local vet office. When the new vet Caleb comes to town,Continue reading “Like Cats and Dogs | Kate McMurray | Book Review”

When Sparks Fly | Helena Hunting | Book Review

When Sparks Fly is the newest contemporary romance written by Helena Hunting. Believe it or not, it is actually the first book that I have read by her. I have heard her name often, and even have a couple of her previous books on my shelf but, for some reason have never picked them up.Continue reading “When Sparks Fly | Helena Hunting | Book Review”

Draw Me Close | Nicole Michaels | Book Review

Draw Me Close is the final book in the Heart and Crafts series by Nicole Michaels. This has become one of my favorite series and I love that it ends on such a positive note. In both Start Me Up and Win Me Over, you get a little glimpse into Lindsey and Derek’s history. YetContinue reading “Draw Me Close | Nicole Michaels | Book Review”

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