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The Grump Who Stole Summer | Ella Fields | Audiobook Review

Why I listen to The Grump Who Stole Summer? The Grump Who Stole Summer caught my eye on Netgalley with its promise of second chance romance. It also sounded very amgsty which is what I was in the mood for at the time that I requested it. Personally, I have to be in a certainContinue reading “The Grump Who Stole Summer | Ella Fields | Audiobook Review”

The Arctic Curry Club | Dani Redd | Book Review

The Arctic Curry Club sounded like it was going to be a good feeling book about a women finding herself as she learned about her childhood with her parents in India. I honestly wasn’t expecting how deep it got and what issues it explored. There was alot of issues examined throughout the book and honestlyContinue reading “The Arctic Curry Club | Dani Redd | Book Review”

It’s All In How You Fall | Sarah Henning | Book Review

In It’s All In How You Fall, the main character Caroline Kepler is a gymnast a heart. It is all she ever thinks about and her goal is to finally make it to Nationals. This goal keeps getting pushed aside due to her chronic back pain. This year though she is determined to make itContinue reading “It’s All In How You Fall | Sarah Henning | Book Review”

Saturday Movie Review: Next Stop, Christmas

Next Stop Christmas is a Hallmark Christmas movie that was released in 2021. It stars Lyndsy Fonseca as a career oriented doctor who is determined to spend Christmas alone but, suddenly her commuter train ride turns into a Christmas train and drops her off in her hometown during Christmas 2011. The movie also stars EricContinue reading “Saturday Movie Review: Next Stop, Christmas”

The Bodyguard | Katherine Center | Book Review

The Bodyguard is a hilarious romantic comedy that put such a smile on my face. From the moment, Hannah and Jack meet, there are Sparks. There is also a slight complication – Jack is a famous actor and Hannah is the bodyguard who has been hired to protect him. It is the first time JackContinue reading “The Bodyguard | Katherine Center | Book Review”

Café Con Lychee | Emery Lee | Book Review

In Café Con Lychee, Theo Mori and Gabi Moreno are no strangers to competition. They are both on the soccer team, each having their own level of play. Theo is the savior of the team while Gabi is lucky if he remembers to tie his shoes properly before a game. These two characters are alsoContinue reading “Café Con Lychee | Emery Lee | Book Review”

Once Upon A Wish-Mas | Laura Barnard | Book Review

Once Upon A Wish-Mas is a whimsical holiday romance that made me wonder what would have happened if Mr. Banks from Mary Poppins had been a younger single father when Mary Poppins entered his life as his children’s nanny. Ruby Campbell interviews for the position of nanny at the Rothchester house. She would be theContinue reading “Once Upon A Wish-Mas | Laura Barnard | Book Review”

In A New York Minute | Kate Spencer | Book Review

In A New York Minute is a slow burn romantic comedy that starts with an unforgettable opener. Fanny is having the worst day and it gets even worse when her dress gets caught in the door of the subway. Thankfully for her, there is a good samaritan on the train named Hayes who offers herContinue reading “In A New York Minute | Kate Spencer | Book Review”

Fake It Till You Bake It | Jamie Wesley | Book Review

It took me a little bit to get into Fake It Till You Bake It but once I did I really did enjoy the ride. From the moment that Jada and Donovan meet, they bring out the fire in each other. Jada insults his cupcakes business and he thinks she is a pretentious bear. TheirContinue reading “Fake It Till You Bake It | Jamie Wesley | Book Review”

The Romance Recipe | Ruby Barrett | Book Review

Sophie Brunet is a former reality shower finalist who was recently hired as the head chef for Amy Chambers restaurant. All she want so to do is cook without all the distractions. Unfortunately, she restaurant is failing, and its owner is one of those distractions. Sophie and Amy clash every time they are in theContinue reading “The Romance Recipe | Ruby Barrett | Book Review”

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