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In The Face Of The Sun | Denny S. Bryce | Book Review

Denny S. Bryce is quickly becoming one of my new favorite authors. I was captivates by her debut Wild Women and the Blues and now In The Face Of The Sun. Both stories are multigenerational tales involving African American families. In The Face Of The Sun follows Francine (Frankie) as she travels from Chicago toContinue reading “In The Face Of The Sun | Denny S. Bryce | Book Review”

Wave | Diana Farid | Audiobook Review

Why did I listen to Wave by Diana Farid? I saw Wave on Netgalley and thought that it sounded like a beautiful coming of age story. It’s also set in the past (the year I was born) so I was curious about that. And it is written in verse format which is one of myContinue reading “Wave | Diana Farid | Audiobook Review”

The Singles Table | Sara Desai | Book Review

The Singles Table is the third book in The Marriage Game series. It was so much fun to return to the Patel family and their matchmaking shenanigans. Those Aunties never fail to make me laugh. Right away they could tell that thee was something sparking between Zara and Jay….even if they refuse to admit itContinue reading “The Singles Table | Sara Desai | Book Review”

Miss Pearly’s Girls | ReShonda Tate Billingsley | Book Review

Miss Pearly’s Girls is both a reunion and journey. The four Bell sisters have been estranged for years and have a very complex relationship either each other. When their mother falls, they are brought back together waiting to hear about her condition. Their mother requests that the girls find a way take amends with eachContinue reading “Miss Pearly’s Girls | ReShonda Tate Billingsley | Book Review”

After Tupac and D Foster | Jacqueline Woodson | Book Review

After Tupac and D Foster is only 151 pages but they are 151 pages that are packed with a punch. It follows three young girls in Queens, NY who are trying to make sense of their world. They meet when they are eleven years old and bond immediately. They each come from different backgrounds butContinue reading “After Tupac and D Foster | Jacqueline Woodson | Book Review”

The Black Kids | Christina Hammonds Reed | Book Review

The Black Kids is set in 1992 shortly after Rodney King, a Black man, is beaten nearly to death by LAPD officers. There is a trail of these officers and they are acquitted of all the charges. It is not long before Los Angeles is filled with protests and roots. The idea of race isContinue reading “The Black Kids | Christina Hammonds Reed | Book Review”

Red At The Bone | Jacqueline Woodson | Book Review

Red At The Bone is less than 200 pages but holds such a poignant story. It involves two very different families who are brought together in an unexpected way. Opening in the year 2001, the families have come together to celebrate a coming of age ceremony; and being in such close proximity to reevaluate howContinue reading “Red At The Bone | Jacqueline Woodson | Book Review”

Blue Skinned Gods | SJ Sindu | Book Review

Blue Skinned Gods is a story of deception and manipulation with a religious backdrop. I really wanted to enjoy this one and had been anxiously waiting to read it since earlier this year. It sounded like a diverse read that selves into the potential scans that can come out of religion. Unfortunately, what I readContinue reading “Blue Skinned Gods | SJ Sindu | Book Review”

The Dating Playbook | Farrah Rochon | Book Review

The Dating Playbook is the second book in The Boyfriend Project series. This one continues the bonding and friendship between the characters of Simiah, Taylor, and London while giving Taylor a taste of unexpected romance. I loved continuing with this group of ladies and getting to know Taylor better. Taylor is a fitness expert orContinue reading “The Dating Playbook | Farrah Rochon | Book Review”

The Boyfriend Project | Farrah Rochon | Book Review

The Boyfriend Project is a new series that follows three women who become friends after discovering that they have all been dating the same man. It starts out with a bang as the women confront the man and come together to swear off men and focus on themselves for a change. Thus beginning “the boyfriendContinue reading “The Boyfriend Project | Farrah Rochon | Book Review”

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