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Looks Good On Paper | Kilby Blades | Book Review

Looks Good On Paper is such a sweet contemporary romance. I was hooked right from the beginning. Of course that might be because I’m a sucker for romances that start out as two strangers connecting over a shared passion. In this case it is pen pals Zuri and Nico. Zuri is an American who signedContinue reading “Looks Good On Paper | Kilby Blades | Book Review”

His Holiday Crush | Cari Z | Book Review

Max Robertson had returned to Edgewood for the first time in a decade to visit his best friend Hal and his “nieces”. It was supposed to be just one night but all of that is changed when his car crashes into a snow bank. The police come to investigate the scene and to his surpriseContinue reading “His Holiday Crush | Cari Z | Book Review”

It’s Raining Men | Julie Hammerle | Book Review

It’s Raining Men is a book that really took me by surprise. I’ll admit when I first saw the advance reader copy on Netgalley, the famous hit by The Weather Girls immediately started playing in my head. You know: “it’s raining men! halleluiah! it’s raining men!” which I’m pretty sure was author Julie Hammerle’s planContinue reading “It’s Raining Men | Julie Hammerle | Book Review”

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