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Saturday Movie Review: Muppets Haunted Mansion

Growing up, I was a Muppet fan; and today as an adult I still wave my Muppet banner high. This is why I decided to watch Muppets Haunted Mansion It is a brand new Muppet movie and this time it’s Gonzo who is going on a new adventure. The movie features all your favorite MuppetsContinue reading “Saturday Movie Review: Muppets Haunted Mansion”

Saturday Movie Review: Hocus Pocus 2

As a 90’s kid, Hocus Pocus was and still is a standard during the Halloween season. A couple years ago there started to be rumors of a sequel. I was admittedly intrigued and kept tabs on the progress. Finally this year Hocus Pocus 2 was released. Hocus Pocus 2 has all three main witches backContinue reading “Saturday Movie Review: Hocus Pocus 2”

Stinetinglers |R.L. Stine|Book Review

Growing up, R.L. Stine was the king of scary stories for children. From Goosebumps to Fear Street, my generation devoured his books. I was actually able to meet at BEA which was super exciting. When I saw that he was releasing a new book I was quick to request it on Netgalley. Luckily for me,Continue reading “Stinetinglers |R.L. Stine|Book Review”

Haunted Hospital | Marty Chan | Audiobook Review

Why did I listen to Haunted Hospital? I was looking for a Halloween book to listen to while at work. When I read the synopsis of Haunted Hospital, it seemed like the perfect fit. It sounded easy to follow with a touch of spookiness which I like. I didn’t want to be too scared atContinue reading “Haunted Hospital | Marty Chan | Audiobook Review”

The Ex Hex | Erin Sterling | Book Review

The Ex Hex is the perfect Halloween read. It’s funny, sweet, and filled with magic. I’m so excited that it appears to be part of a series because I want to see these characters again. I have fallen for them and their small quirky town. The main character is a witch named Vivi, who remindsContinue reading “The Ex Hex | Erin Sterling | Book Review”

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